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Smart Keymapping in Korean PUBG Mobile Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Smart Keymapping in Korean PUBG Mobile

Hello. Finally, i found the way to make kr pubg like original pubg in Tencent Gaming Buddy i.e you can play in kr version with a smart keymapping and 1080p!
What you need for this:
– Latest version of Tencent Gaming Buddy(not sure, maybe you can play on older versions). I’m using TGB(now called Gameloop) version 2.02.12297.
– Installed PUBG Mobile KR version with cache(Cache must be like this: /Android/obb/com.pubg.krmobile/
– Installed GFX+ Tool. I’ve tested ver 0.16.7p So, let’s get started.
Step 1
– In Windows, go to “ui” folder of installed Tencent Gaming Buddy. For me this: D:\Program Files\txgameassistant\ui\ . Let’s call it a “UI Folder”.
– Backup this files: DefaultKeyMapping.xml and smk.conf . Save it somewhere in case if you will need to restore it.
– Download this config files: Unpack them to any folder.
– You will see 4 files. Now select prefered resolution. If you wanna play in 1080p – then rename DefaultKeyMapping(1080p).xml to DefaultKeyMapping.xml
– Copy renamed “DefaultKeyMapping.xml” and “smk.conf” to “UI Folder”. Agree with replacing old files. Go to properties of this files and check “Read Only”(otherwise TGB will replace it with default file).
Step 2
– Launch TGB
– Open GFX+ Tool. Set this values:
Game Variant : “Korean 0.13.0x”
Resolution: if you selected in step1 1080p – select “1920×1080: FHD”
Graphics: smooth
FPS: 60
– Turn off shadows, enable MSAA and FXAA
– Apply and “Run game”. Every time, when you want to play in pubg kr – you’ll need to launch it via GFX+ Tool.
Step 3 – While pubg loading – In right tab at TGB select “Key Mapping”(keyboard icon) – Make sure selected “Key Mapping Mode” is 1080p(or 720p if you selected 720p in step1 )
– Press “Reset”(near Save button)
– Turn off “Auto switch mode based on scene”
– Press “Save”.
Step 4
– When already in game – go to settings(ingame) and turn off “Auto-adjust graphic”
Step 5
– Done! Go to training and check if keymapping is correct.
As you can see – this works perfect. Even F2(enemy ahead) F3(i got supplies) works as in original PUBG Mobile.

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