Skip Casino Heist Preps using GTAhax Grand Theft Auto V

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Skip Casino Heist Preps using GTAhax Grand Theft Auto V

Skip Casino Heist Preps using GTAhax
First off special thanks to polivilas, kimovski,woozieee, jkNX and the awesome community for the tools and tips I take no credit for this, however I decided to start a new threat as I would assume most would not see it in the original thread posted.

Heres a video on how to do it

You will need GTAhax I used the UI version GTAhaxUI.exe
*** Some things will only change if you leave and return from the garage. ***
*** If your playing with your main character then leave the code as MP0 if your playing with the secondary character change MP0 to MP1 on all the below stats/codes***
*** make sure there isnt whitespaces after the stats it wont work ***
*** dont go crazy adding random numbers it can cause issues ***
Now with the tutorial
1. Go to the Arcade white board pay 25K to start the heist.
2.Select Approach
$MP0_H3OPT_APPROACH = 1, 2 or 3
1 Stealth | 2 trickery | 3 Loud
3.Select Target
$MP0_H3OPT_TARGET = 0, 1, 2 or 3
0 = Money | 1 = Gold | 2 = Art | 3 = Diamonds
4.Confirm Selection
Your screen will blackout. Now everything on the 1st board will be completed, including your selected approach, if it does not blackout exit out of the arcade and come back in the board should be updated

Second white board
Now on the 2nd board select your gunman, driver and hacker. and continue with the rest of the steps

$MP0_H3OPT_DISRUPTSHIP = 3 /remove heavy armed guards
$MP0_H3OPT_KEYLEVELS = 2 / value is valid up to 2 scan card value
$MP0_H3OPT_CREWWEAP = 5 / Patrick Mcreary
$MP0_H3OPT_CREWDRIVER = 5 / Chester Mccoy
$MP0_H3OPT_CREWHACKER = 4 Avi / 5 Page Harris
$MP0_H3OPT_VEHS = 0, 1, 2, 3 Change the type of car your member has
$MP0_H3OPT_WEAPS = 0,1 changes weapons selection
$MP0_H3OPT_BITSET0 = -1 Saves the second white board
Your screen will blackout. 2nd board setups/preps is done.
Your ready to rob the casino!
if for any reason you decide you want to make any changes go back to the white board set the BITSET# back to 0 exit the board , go back to the board make the changes and then set the BITSET back to -1 and exit the board
$MP0_H3OPT_BITSET1 = 0 / reset the heist selection first board
$MP0_H3OPT_BITSET0 = 0 / reset the prep selection second board
$MP0_H3_COMPLETEDPOSIX = -1 / To cancel Lesters cool down

If something is not changing on the white board how to fix it

So in general say you finished setting up a white board using GTAhax when I say finish setting up i mean you set the bitset vaulue to -1.
– If you did not notice any changes or something was missing/not ticked step out of the garage and back in see if it changes that could help refresh it
– if its still not changed go to the same white board set the bitset vaulue to 0 and exit the white board the screen will go black and refresh
– do the changes that did not change and once done set the bitset back to -1 it should refresh and the selection should change
– Make sure theres no spaces after the stat (i.e $MP0_H3_COMPLETEDPOSIX<space>)
my last thoughts would be run the program GTAhaxUI as administrator mode in general your giving a program more rights to get higher access all it does is change global variables/stats of GTA.
hope that helps.

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