Download Time’s Hack V2.1.1 Other FPS Games Garry’s Mod

Download Time’s Hack V2.1.1 Other FPS Games Garry’s Mod

Time’s Hack – GMod Lua Cheat
This is a project I have been working on for about a while and I am now at a point where I feel like I should release it. This is a learning experience for me and I don’t really expect this to contain the best methods possible for what is in it. Lots of the code is pasted or referenced from other cheats as I don’t really see why I should recode something that already exists and as long as I understood how and why it worked I was happy to include it. All credits are given below and in the source code. I do plan on updating the hack until I deem it completed or lose interest. My end goal is to write a C++ hack and seeing as I’m already comfortable with GLua I figured this would be a good stepping stone. I would love for all criticism and feedback on the cheat as it’s the only way I can really improve. If you have any suggestions for features to add please comment it as well as I am pretty much out of ideas. I have spent a lot of time making the cheat user-friendly (i.e moving in the menu, remembering frame positions, etc) so if you find anything that would impede the user’s experience please let me know so I can improve it. Some stuff that I am already aware of that I would love some help with is the FOV circle is not accurate to the actual FOV, I have tried lots of different ways of calculating both things but I can’t get it to match. If anyone knows what’s wrong with my math please let me know it would be much appreciated.
Feature List
I haven’t really done anything special to make the hack undetected so please be aware of the risks and take appropriate precautions while using it.
If you add me on discord and ask a question answered here I will not respond to you.

Feb 16, 2021 -> Fixed weapon validation in autofire | Fixed skeleton validation | Made Traitor detection dynamic to traitor weapons on the server | Added support for Murder
Feb 20, 2021 -> Bug fixes | Optimizations | Added Admin List | Added Entity ESP | Added Viewmodel Changer
March 6, 2021 -> Added Freecam | Improved Staff Detection | Added Unload/Panic | Rewrote Anti Screengrab | Fixed A Game Crash | Recoded & Improved The Autosrafer | Keybinds Will No Longer Activate When Being Set | Improved Prediction (Now Is Applied Automatically) | LWIN & RWIN Can No Longer Be Bound | Added Silent Aim (This Feature Can Cause Increased Anti Cheat Detections) | Rewrote And Improved Chams | Various Optimizations, Improvements And, Bug Fixes
March 8, 2021 -> Added Back Old Screengrab Protection Method On Top Of The Current One & Improved Anti Screengrab Further
March 12, 2021 -> Removed An Un-used Font | Rewrote Keybinds (Cleaner Use, Bug Fixes, Right Click To Unbind) | Rewrote Viewmodel Changer & Made The Math Epic
March 13, 2021 -> Fixed Glow
March 28, 2021 -> Improved Cheat Use With Simple GLua Loader And Other GUI Based Lua Loaders (Open The Console / Pause Menu To Use The Loader)
April 30, 2021 -> Removed Netlogger To Improve Cheat Stability
May 22, 2021 -> Added World & Prop Modulation| Localized All Functions | Improved Some Hooks | Added An Option To Filter Dormant Players From ESP
June 4, 2021 -> Reworked Chams – This includes a new material handler and a new overlay layer as well as optimizations | Added remove skybox | Fixed a bug with aimbot and hitscan | Changed weapon esp to have a cleaner print name | Added more aimbot filters (Staff, Same Team, Noclip, Behind Wall)
October 2, 2021 -> Added 2D Cornered boxes and 3D Boxes | Added player Hitbox ESP – If you see this download from the source code, the download link is not yet updated.


Smeghack – Smeghack was my primary reference and a lot of what is in my cheat can be found in Smeghack as well. Personally, I believe I have really improved on it and that is kinda how I view this, an improved Smeghack.
Acebot – I ran out of ideas at one point so I looked there because that hack is filled with a fuckton of cool shit.
Hermes – Clean source I referred to when I was stuck.

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