Download RogueCompany External ESP and Aimbot FPS Games

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Download RogueCompany External ESP and Aimbot FPS Games

RogueCompany External ESP and Aimbot
This is my third release of a UE4 game hack. I’ve been practicing making UE4 hacks and it’s been a lot of fun if you’re interested in learning how to create UE4 hacks. The best way to begin is rogue company because this game is easy to make and the anticheat is not that hard.

ESP Skeleton
ESP Line
ESP Distance
ESP Health
FOV Customize
There are some bugs that I’ve already encountered with the worldtoscreen function and the visible check, which I’ll try to solve as soon as possible.

  1. v1.0
  2. Release
  4. v1.1
  5. Fix Game Mode
  6. Added Target Customization
  7. Game Updated

Download RogueCompany v1.0

I’ve choose to release the source code and expect Fix the bugs on your own and implement your own driver that is undetected by EAC. This Code will help you to Hacking RogueCompany GoodLuck.
Source Code:
Credits@hinnie – for dump host

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