Download Omes Sourcecode MMO and Strategy Games Maple Story

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Download Omes Sourcecode MMO and Strategy Games Maple Story

Omes [AHK Source code] – RELEASE

This was a project I started a bit back to learn some AHK but also to build a bot for GMS (or any ms really). Don’t expect the cleanest code or for it to work 100% properly all the time. I’m focusing on school more and trying to develop this as well as grind in GMS is a real pain in the ass and so I got bored. Also, I see people trying to scam/sell maplestory bots, I am not that greedy to try to sell this project.
I started out making this for my adele but I figured I needed to get a kanna mule to start making mesos. Two months later, lvl 235 completed arcana and +120% meso auto farming on a separate machine. It works, but its jank, I will admit that. How you customize it for your character is up to you.
There’s a lot to this code, 3 different applications (that work independently) because of AHK’s limitation on multi-threading. There are still maps to code out, the auto rune solver works similarly (if not identical) to maple-bot posted a while back, it was the solution I came to as well before that post went public (I gotta pat myself on the back ya know?) but it’s not 100% functional. For those who want to take a crack at it, it’s commented out under the navigation section of the run code.
The source code is more or less for avid AHK writers if they want to update it/fix it, make it their own, etc. If you don’t know AHK, don’t expect people to help you figure out what you can do. Try to sell this shit and you’re cringe.
Here’s what the menu looks like and short demos:
(Yes I’m training/farming in Arcania with what seems to be “430” AF. There is an active glitch that allows you to bump it up an extra 50 or so, I’m at “480” instead)

How to use

Windowed mode – 1366:768 (16:9)
– Map moved to the top left corner (Snapped against the top and left of the screen)
– The map is opened up (displays map name and location, not just the regular map without any text)
– Chat box moved to the bottom left of the screen
– Application (.ahk) ran as admin
Opening the menu
– Hit F5 on the keyboard (a menu will pop up, you can hide and reopen this menu by hitting the same key)
– (Optional) open autopot/autoskill with the buttons
– Dropdown list the map that has been listed (not all maps work, if it is flat enough, try the custom map option)
– I mapped the F keys because if you click the box, it will automatically start spamming key-inputs that mess with your selections

Start Navigation – will auto move throughout pre-mapped areas.
Custom Map – adjusts map borders (left/right).
Auto rune – at the moment only gives you a beep to notify you that a rune has spawned on the map.
Chat Disconnect – If someone types something in chat, will read the bottom left of your screen and hit the settings/world select option and quit out
Movement – Set to single jump, double jump fast, double jump slow, teleport. Teleport requires an input key
Auto pot – works 100x better than the pet skill auto pot.
Skill spam – Select a key, set a time for it (numbers listed in seconds). Ctrl + click drag will allow you to do decimals.
Buff/Long CD – will hold down all movement keys to use that ability.
Auto Rune Completion (since it’s a different application that does not directly communicate with the navigation program, will detect a rune and stop spamming skills).

Needs updating/Fixing:

Navigation – Does not read if the arrows aren’t input correctly (easy fix but figure it out yourself).
Navigation – If auto rune is completed, unless you are on an area of the map that has directions, your character will stand still.
Auto Disconnect – It only presses a specific area (this changes if you have unclaimed rewards or expiring items). Just search for the green color and have the mouse click there.


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