Download Internal multi cheat Counterstrike Global Offensive CS:GO Releases

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Download Internal multi cheat Counterstrike Global Offensive CS:GO Releases

Internal multicheat
Hello all!
Today I`m here to release my new multihack with a few features
Future list:
Post processing disabler
Aimbot (0-90 field view)
No smoke remover
Recoil crosshair engine (thx for mz with help Engine recoil crosshair)
Engine recoil crosshair
Hey guys,

recently I’ve tried to do an engine recoil crosshair. I remembered a thread about someone changing the screen size to adjust the position as other ways (such as IVEngineClient::SetCrosshairAngle) wouldn’t work.

I downloaded the CS source, did some research in it and found CWeaponCSBase:rawCrosshair. That function calls GetScreenWidth and GetScreenHeight, however, their implementation is missing in the source.

So I opened client.dll in IDA, did some searching around, and found both respective functions. Both of them call a virtual from some interface I didn’t bother figuring out for testing purposes, so I sigged both the interface and the return address of GetScreenWidth after it calls the virtual. Here’s some screenshots:

Now, I’ve hooked the virtual, and am checking for the return address just to see if it would have an effect overall.

Here’s my problem: the return address is never the one i sigged, not even close (I checked it by calculating the relative offset). Index is obviously 44, so with my understanding it should work?

Another thing: I am not that good with assembly, therefore, following question:
The call instruction pushes the return address onto the stack and then jumps to the routine in question. Therefore, if I want to get the return address of GetScreenWidth, shouldn’t it be at esp + 12?

Explanation as to why I think that is the case:
GetScreenWidth first pushes ebp to save the frame ptr, so +4
Then it subs 8 from esp to make room for the two local variables, so +8

I have looked at the original thread after it didn’t work, but can’t seem to find the issue. My goal is to understand, so please don’t give me a ready-to-paste solution but rather point me in the right direction, thank you.

Wire frame cham (thanks for all replies in thread How do you make wireframe arms?)

How do you make wireframe arms?

So I have some experience coding in c++ to the point where I can make a basic internal csgo hack with IMGUI and features like: BHop, Radar, Triggerbot etc. But I really want to know how to make wire frame arms.

I did not find anything on the subject so If some one could please tell me or leave a resource to learn it from then thanks!

Fulbright mode
bunny hop (thanks to pudlecorp humanised bhop)

humanised bhop
some backstory:
i was supposed to study for a physics exam but i started procrastinating and thought to myself:
“internal bhops don’t really look that legit you know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
and then i made this.
didn’t really think it was anything worth keeping private but thought that people here might enjoy it.
i’m pretty sure someone already tried something close to this here but i couldn’t find it.
from what i remember it didn’t really look that good though so meh.
the settings on the video are quite forgiving, they aren’t constants so they can be changed freely.credits:-@publiccode for deciding to message me complaining about @JamesLP the second i started recording.
-@AestheticJunk for telling me to add the last part.

  1. {
  2. static int hops_restricted = 0;
  3. static int hops_hit = 0;
  4. if (!(cmd->buttons & in_jump)
  5. || (local->move_type() & movetype_ladder))
  6. return;
  7. if (!(local->flags() & fl_onground))
  8. {
  9. cmd->buttons &= ~in_jump;
  10. hops_restricted = 0;
  11. }
  12. else if ((rand() % 100 > options[“bhop_hit_chance”].i_slider //chance of hitting first hop is always the same, the 2nd part is that so it always doesn’t rape your speed
  13. && hops_restricted < options[“hops_restricted_limit”].i_slider) //the same amount, it can be made a constant if you want to or can be removed, up to you
  14. || (options[“max_hops_hit”].i_slider > 0 //force fuck up after certain amount of hops to look more legit, you could add variance to this and
  15. && hops_hit > options[“max_hops_hit”].i_slider)) //everything but fuck off that’s too much customisation in my opinion, i only added this one because prof told me to
  16. {
  17. cmd->buttons &= ~in_jump;
  18. hops_restricted++;
  19. hops_hit = 0;
  20. }
  21. else
  22. hops_hit++;
  23. }

what it looks like, with hit chance 70%, max hops hit 6 and most fuck ups allowed 3:

edit: the physics exam went well
Bone (skeleton Esp)Hack status: Undetected – I’m using this for 1 week on this account:
This its my first internal hack and I’m released it for feedback and tips on improve. Other cheat I’ve made its external or something otherwise


Thanks to all for helped with creation and for the kind support this forum provides to users!

Changed status to publish
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