Download Genshin Impact Better Launcher (+Cheat) MMORPG and Strategy

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Download Genshin Impact Better Launcher (+Cheat) MMORPG and Strategy

Genshin Impact Better Launcher (+Cheat)

Please read this thread carefully so you won’t miss the smallest detail.
The video tutorial might be helpful too.
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Ya~ I’m back!
Yosh! You saw the title. Let’s keep it short. ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ
GIPerf is a better launcher for Genshin Impact with built-in tweaks.
You can think of it like the Improved Injector — except, we took it to the next level. ヽ(°〇°)ノ
*See Genshin Impact Improved Injector

[GIPerf’s Features]

  • Launch options for Genshin Impact
  • DLL auto-inject
  • Using custom DLL (your own DLL file)
  • Faster mhyprot2 handle bypass speed
  • Genshin Impact log files auto-delete
  • Block Genshin Impact from uploading log files

[How to Use]

  1. Download the;
  2. Extract the zip file. There should be a giperf folder & giperf.exe inside;
  3. Move/Cut the folder to the same folder level as your Genshin Impact installation folder. Otherwise, giperf.exe won’t work properly;
  4. Open CMD as Administrator and do a pushd to the giperf folder;
  5. Type giperf on the CMD then hit [Enter]. giperf.exe will printout all the information for you;
  6. Type giperf -presets on the CMD then hit [Enter]. giperf.exe will create some .bat files for you;
  7. Use those batch files to launch Genshin Impact.


  • Edit -res 1280×720 in the batch files to match your screen resolution or your preferred resolution;
  • Always run CMD/the batch files as Administrator to avoid errors with the giperf.exe;
  • To use custom DLL (your own DLL file), simply put the DLL in the same folder as giperf.exe and rename it to gimpek.dll;
  • Use giperf -nologs or NoLogs.bat to block Genshin Impact from sending log files to miHoYo;
  • Use giperf -cheat or InjectCheat.bat only if you’re already in-game and your chara has been spawned.

Even though this program is designed specifically for this game, there’s always a chance to get banned from the cheat itself or from how you play the game with it.
Don’t be a baka-kun! Just play it safe, okay? (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

[Video Tutorial]


[Development Status]

Last updated:
Sunday, 26-Sep-21 07:57:10 +07

  • Initial release

You can customize the console color of the batch files to your own liking.
It uses the same color format as Windows CMD.

Join the beta testers to get an insight on GIPerf’s development!
Add me on Discord and tell your UC name.

  • ! castella | DM Ask#0218

The cheat DLL and the external injector used by this program are from different devs.
As always, I’ll put the credits below.


  • CrazyShoot
  • Nefarius

Also, here are the links to the used materials in case you want to check them out.


[After using `GIPerf -nologs`]

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