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Download Fatmophobia MMO and Strategy Games Phasmophobia

Decided to finally release this publicly after recently updating it, should survive most smaller updates but will update when I have the time if it does break.
Has some features I haven’t seen released publicly like the photo reward and activity modifiers that allow you to get max photo reward without any photos and the activity modifier tends to make them a little more active.
Main feature I haven’t seen elsewhere is the Banshee target, if the ghost is a banshee it will show it’s selected target at the bottom otherwise it will just be N/A.
Box ESP for Ghost is not implemented fully so wouldn’t recommend using it but I may fix this at a later time, just use the text for now.
No intention of adding any real “troll” features into a public release.
Ghost Info Window
Ghost Activity Window
Mission Window (with checkbox to complete, does not update on board in van)
Infinite Stamina (all times or during hunts only)
Photo Evidence Points
Activity Multiplier
Fusebox Max Lights
(the above sliders can be set to values outside the boundaries by ctrl left clicking the boxes, ImGui <3)
Ghost ESP (Text/Box)
Player ESP
Bone ESP
Ouija ESP
Fuse Box ESP (Status aka on/off or show light count too)
Show Sanity (own sanity and average sanity of team)
Hunt Warning (text in middle of screen)
Custom Crosshair (opens a custom window to allow some customization)

Requires Roboto-Regular font from Google until I release the new version where the default font is Calibri. When installing, make sure you right click and “Install for all users” otherwise the location the font gets installed at will not be correct.


Changed status to publish
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