Download CW YAGR Call Of Duty Series Hacks

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Download CW YAGR Call Of Duty Series Hacks

Hi,this is Yet Another Geogeo Release.
I have seen a few re-releases that unfortunately have not been updated to version So here it is…
I have removed the experience options for safety
All credit goes to TheGeogeo as I only updated the offsets and played around with metroUI a bit.

KronosGod’s tips for using this trainer:

Extra help if you need it
This is how I have used these trainers for some time now.

1. I place the extracted folder (the downloaded .rar file) on a usb drive and rename folder and .exe files. Use some random name (not “TRAINER” or the original file name).
2. Turn on
3. Start CoD CW and get to the zombies hub (screen you can “play, weapons, ect”).
4. Close (use task manager to make sure all background processes are gone. Nothing saying “” should be present).
5. Start a PRIVATE match in DM, FBZ or Outbreak were you are the party leader (won’t work if someone else is party leader). You can do this in a public match but if you are that dumb you deserve to get banned.
6. Wait until your have your player on the ground and can shoot in round 1.
7. Pause game.
8. Run the .exe file as ADMIN.
10. In trainer hit “Connect/Attach” button.
11. Select your mods.
12. Play at your own risk to desired lvl or what ever you are trying to do.
13. Before you die or exfil (get in the chopper)…
13a. Very important “DESELECT YOUR MODS” (Set XP back to 1 and turn off, make sure all the mods you turned on are ALL OFF).
14. “STOP TRAINER” using the same button you “Connect/Attach” with and then kill the trainer with task manager. DO NOT USE THE “X” to kill the trainer.
15. Now you can die or exfil.
16. Close out CoD by hitting the in game exit/quit to desktop button. DO NOT CLOSE WITH TASK MANAGER!

My preference is to only use infinite $ to open the doors and PoP then turn off. I use Always Crit and Godmode to grind camo or weapons XP. I sometimes use TZTP for a pile up but this gets a bit glitchy. I always Exfil around round 31-36 to not over abuse. I Do not play all day. I also close CoC CW after every match I use the trainer and restart a fresh game if I want to play more.

Side notes…
If you use the WXP, it will level up your player XP really fast. So in my opinion you do not need to even use player XP.
Your anti-virus/windows defender might block you and close the trainer. You will have to tell it to ignore/approve the renamed files.
In Outbreak turn the trainer off before you teleport to the next round (going from round 1 to round 2 and so on). Outbreak basically has to load a new map each new round and connects to servers to validate files. Download CW YAGR

DC: Ma Nem Jeff#3955

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