Download XGuard v1.8 CounterStrike 1.5, 1.6 and Mods

• Features:
– send fake cvars to the server (QCC and QCC2)
– block and see consistency info
– block resources
– block unwanted commands
– use r_*, chase_* cvars
– use loop scripts with ‘special’ command
– see motd content and block motd
– block forwards and bypass alias detector
and more features..

• Credits:

– ratwayer / 2010kohtep for some offsets from CSXGuard and MultiEmulator
– Garey27 for Colored chat messages

• Version supported: 4554, 8308 and 8684

• ChangeLog:

– patched “setinfo” command (you can set keys that start with *)
– patched “chase_*” cvars (you can use third person)
– patched “fakelag” cvar (you can increase your ping, it should work on all servers)
– patched “r_drawviewmodel” cvar (you can hide your hands)
– fixed a crash when reading motd content

– fixed a bug where “Can’t set * keys” appears in console when connecting to local server (wrong offset)
– now you can use xguard without .ini file but some functions will not avaliable
– removed “PatchCommands”, now you can choose what patches you want from ini file
– added a error message if build is not supported
– added new commands
– added support for gsclient (injection with .asi will not work, use a good injector)
– fixed a crash on some servers
– small bugs fixed

– added userful commands
– optimized command sanitizer
– now XGuard can handle qcc, received commands and forwards that contain “%” caracter
– hooked Cmd_ForwardToServer, you can block forwards now
– optimized Log To File
– fixed a crash in resource filter
– hooked SVC_UpdateUserInfo and SVC_ResourceLocation to see if server is requesting your userinfo of if you receive downloadurl
– now “xg_load_library” will check for magic number
– added some experimental features
– and more changes..

– changed the place where the hook for forwards was placed
– optimized resource, forward and command checker
– updated offsets for interpolation patches
– improved command, alias and cvar remover
– improved colored say messages
– added new commands
– updated some offsets for 8684 and gsclient
– and more optimizations

– fixed a crash while reading fake cvar values from ini file
– added RevEmu, AVSMP, OldRevEmu and SteamEmu emulators
– little optimizations in forward and command checker
– added ability to bypass guard and alias detectors by sending received commands to the server

– optimized resource checker
– fixed a bug in command/forward checker
– optimized section reader
– now you can block a command or something that starts with ‘[‘ or ‘]’ by adding ‘$’ caracter in the beginning, e.g.: $[test-*
– now for hiding files from server it uses MD5_Hash_File function
– fixed small bugs in some commands
– now if server tries to change a blocked cvar and you send a fakevalue it will be updated
– added more settings and stuff…

– fixed some offsets
– fixed bugs in UpdateFakeCvars
– fixed bugs in some patches
– a lot of optimizations
– added Setti emulator
– added a message when a fakecvar is updated
– added random emulator generator
– added credits when XGuard starts & start time
– added more patches for fps and more settings
– updated studio table offset for gsclient
– removed posibility to ban servers (useless feature)

– some optimisations
– added unicode patch for old builds
– removed xg_text_rev because it’s useless
– used another method for checking magic number
– fixed a bug where you can’t remove first alias, command and cvar
– hooked SVC_VoiceInit because with this server can load dlls on old builds
– fixed a crash when FowardCommands was turned to false and BlockForwards to true
– added a option to block logging forward commands that contains control caracters
– added ability to ignore errors and continue running the process (sometimes it may lead to crashes it depends what kind of error is)

• Commands:

  1. “xg_engine_cmd” <name> <address>, with this command you can remove/add a command, e.g.: “motd_write”
  2. “xg_engine_cvar” <name> <value> <flags>, with this command you can remove/add a cvar, e.g.: “fps_modem”
  3. “xg_engine_alias” <name> <value>, with this command you can remove/add a alias
  4. “xg_remove_event” <name> <value>, with this command you can remove/add a user msg, e.g.: “ScreenShake”
  5. “xg_say_team” <message>, with this command you can send a colored message it depends pn what team you are on (not work on all servers)
  6. “xg_say_green” <message>, with this command you can send a colored green message (not work on all servers)
  7. “xg_say_output” <command>, with this command you can set command output for (“xg_say_green”, “xg_say_team” and “xg_say_words”), e.g.: “say”
  8. “xg_say_words” <message>, this command makes every word colored with random colors (yellow, green and team)
  9. “xg_setinfo” <setinfo name> <value>, with this command you can remove/add setinfo, e.g.: “name”
  10. “xg_execute_cmd” <command>, with this command you can execute a command using Cbuf_AddText
  11. “xg_loop_cmd” <command> <times>, with this you can loop commands for x times, e.g.: “echo test” 10
  12. “xg_printcolor” <message> <r> <g> <b>, with this you can print in console colored messages, e.g.: test 0 0 255, put only message if you want random color
  13. “xg_show_cmds” with this you get commands list and function addresses
  14. “xg_show_cvars” with this you get cvar list with values
  15. “xg_show_aliases” with this you get alias list and values
  16. “xg_load_library” <library name>, with this you can load a dll, e.g.: hack.dll
  17. “xg_disconnect” <message> with this you print a disconnect reason message
  18. “xg_show_offsets” with this you will see some offsets that XGuard use
  19. “xg_show_settings” with this you can see settings from configuration file
  20. “xg_emu_set” <value | random | disable>, with this you can set a custom steamid, to use default steamid use “disable” instead of value, for random use “random”, e.g.: 123456789
  21. “xg_emu_check” with this you check what emulator and steamid you use
  22. “xg_emu_select” <RevEmu | OldRevEmu | AVSMP | SteamEmu | Setti | random>, with this you can select steamid ticket generator
  23. “xg_call_address” <address>, call an address
  24. “xg_random_str” <len> <output cmd>, this will generate a random string, you can leave “output cmd” empty
  25. “xg_save_cfg” this will save config.cfg without using quit
  26. “xg_centerid” <userid | name> <output cmd> <fail> <arg> <arg> <arg>, this command is userful for admins so you can slay player fast if you put crosshair on a player, this command is based on StatusValue, e.g.: bind “v” “xg_centerid userid amx_slay 1”
  27. “xg_uniqueid” get all players hashed cd key in hex
  29. This command will be available if “Log Stats” is enabled
  30. “xg_show_stats” see number blocked commands and stuff, if you want to reset use argument “reset”
  32. This commands will be available if “Test Guard” is enabled
  33. “xg_test_resource” <text>, test a resource to see if XGuard blocks them
  34. “xg_test_cmd” <command>, test a command to see if XGuard blocks them
  35. “xg_test_list” <commands | resources | forwards | cvars>, get a list from ini file


You can customize it as you wish by opening the “xguard.ini” file.
If you changed the name of the configuration file it must be the same as the DLL file!

VAC: Undectected, I’m not responsable for VAC ban, use it as your own risk!

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