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How to bypass a Valorant Ban!! (Release)
Hey my Friends and Good Evevening
Here i will show you how you can bypass the Valorant Ban!!
Before I would like to clarify a few things, I assume no liability if anything breaks or anything else. Also, please do not ask me how it goes, because I have extra recorded everything and actually everything is clear.
Why am I making this thread when there are already many?
Quite simply, I have recorded extra videos where I show 1-to-1 how I do it, and I have also uploaded files so that you don’t have to spend 2 weeks googling or searching through forums!
So I think the way I did it should work for any BIOS / motherboard!
Important: You must reinstall Windows, otherwise it does not work!
Note: I have an AMI Bios, for all those who have an Insyde Bios, you can also use the program “DMIedit”, which is also in the folder.
– Steps:
– 1. Reinstall Your Windows!
– 2. Change your:
Motherboard UUID / SerialNumber
Mac Adress
– 3. Install Valorant
– 4. Have Fun with Valorant.
– Videos:
1. Proof that I’m banned:
2. Change / Spoof the Things
3. Creating New Valorant Account / Install Valorant
4. Run Valorant / Enjoy
edit: Ouh yes I’m lying and I’m banned after the 10th game for sure xdd  :
I hope you enjoy it, and have fun with it!
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    all videos in private mode!!

    Answered on April 5, 2021.
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