Download UplayNameChecker v2 – Check Username availability Rainbow Six Siege

UplayNameChecker v2 – Check Username availability
Hi,I’m releasing a tool I built today. The reason behind this is, that it seems like a lot of people check if certain special usernames are available and then claim them.
I searched for another service I could use and found one, but it required a few extra steps for you to be able to send requests. The use a API-Key, that gets generated dynamically based on a daily changing seed and the current timestamp.
My decision was to reverse their API and also make a tutorial on how to do so.
How to Use it:
– Put the names to check in a names.txt in the same path as the exe (1 name on each line)
– Start the exe
– Available names will be written to availableNames.txt
If something doesn’t work, let me know, maybe it can be fixed.
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    great release! thank you

    hugeblackcock Answered on April 3, 2021.
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