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Updated [Apex Legends NoRecoil Script] – PART 2
So the OP from previous threads with this script was banned, and since I was the one who was updating the script I decided to move the discussion to this thread, so I can release updates.

Narrator Version:
– This version has a tiny man included in the code, he will talk to you anytime you select a new weapon or cycle between them.
You can set his voice speed and volume on “settings.ini” or by using the included GUI.
– Works in fullscreen
– This is the default selected script.
Known Issues:
– It will sometimes double-speak the name of the weapon. This doesn’t have any effect on script functionality. Will fix it later.
– Rarely the script will not stop firing, press LMB to stop it.
Tooltip Version:
– This version shows a little on-screen box with the name of the weapon you selected.
– Only works on borderless.
Now there’s only one script, you can still chose between Narrator or Tooltip by going to Settings.
If you don’t use default in-game mouse sensitivity configure it on Settings.
If you don’t use default game keybinds configure them on Settings.
The script can still be used without the GUI, all configs are now in setttings.ini. You can manually edit it.

Latest version 2.3 – 17/05/2019

Narrator Version
Tooltip Version

AHK Hider is recommended to hide ahk scripts, I believe it was made by tgottie.
It’s already included in the folder.

Some anti-virus might delete ahk hider dll files.
Your final folder should look like the one below.

If you use GUI:
1. Run gui.ahk.
2. Press Start.
3. Press the 1 or 2 to select a weapon slot. Press the F# key configured for that weapon.
4. Play.
If you don’t use GUI:
1. Run no-recoil script.
2. Run ahkhider.ahk
4. Press the 1 or 2 to select a weapon slot. Press the F# key configured for that weapon.
5. Play.
You can have two recoils set, one for each weapon.
Latest Changes – 17/05/2019
— Added a way to switch the recoil pattern using the mousewheel.
— Removed Auto-Fire.
— Replaced Wingman with Prowler. (only hop-up pattern for now, thanks to golfhjhj)
— Updated the following recoils: R301, R99, Devotion. (thanks to golfhjhj)
Previous changes:
— Added Havoc Turbocharger. (To enable Turbocharger double press your Havoc F# key quickly.)
— Added recoil for Hemlok single fire. (To enable Hemlok single fire double press your Hemlok F# key quickly.)
— Added recoil for Devotion.
— Fixed an error on Havoc selection.
— Fixed the issue brought by last update where you had to press multiple times to select a weapon.
— Updated Havoc recoil pattern. (thanks to MoDPOwer)
— Fixed Pause.
— Added Havoc. (still needs work, but I have limited time now.)
— Fixed an issue where an unassigned weapon slot would assume the same recoil as the other slot.
— Fixed a bug in auto-fire code.
— Reworked holster/grenade key so it only stops the recoil control and not the entire script. (You still have to press 1/2 to get the recoil back)
— Added Pause Key, default is “INS”.
— Reduced CPU usage drastically. (thanks to harahara)
— Replaced R99 recoil pattern. (thanks to harahara)
— Several changes to code, hope it’s faster.
— Script now will try to run as Admin by default. (fixes issues for some people)
— Removed DPI option from GUI.
— Added asynchronous speech to Narrator. Voice shouldn’t halt the script anymore.
— Fixed some code errors.
— Added GUI.
— Settings/Hotkeys are now saved in settings.ini.
— There is only one script now, you can still chose to use Narrator or Tooltip through Settings.
— Fixed some code errors on peacekeeper glitch.
— Fixed some general code errors.
— Changed auto-fire keybind to “Home” instead of “N”.
— Reworked Peacekeeper glitch
— Made some code changes on voices function, should be quicker now when cycling between weapons(narrator).
— Script now pauses when you open inventory
— Script wont work if you are on the desktop
— Peacekeeper glitch reworked
— Fixed Problem where script closed itself
— Script now pauses when you equip grenades
— Script now pauses when you holster weapons

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