Download Streamproof Box ESP Apex Legends

Streamproof Box ESP
Hi I wanna share my streamproof ESP with you.
0) (only for nvidia graphics cards) install NVIDIA GeForce Experience
1) download the file and extract it
2) run cmd as admin and copy the path to the folder you extracted to
3) you can do it in 2 ways:
drag Driver.sys on kdmapper
open cmd as admin
and type kdmapper.exe Driver.sys
5) (only for non-nvidia graphics cards) run Overlay.exe
6) run Usermode.exe
7) start Apex

If you wanna stream with this don’t record your screen, only the Apex window.

Usermode crashing after saying success:
– most likely the driver failed to map

Failed to hijack NVIDIA overlay:
– open Overlay.exe and try opening Usermode.exe again

Fixes for driver mapping fail:
– disable vanguard/faceit/esea
– disable your antivirus

– install the C++ redistributables and (they can be found on…f-95f26a218cc0

Everything worked but esp doesn’t show in game:
– switch from fullscreen to borderless
– (only for NVIDIA graphics cards) open the NVIDIA overlay with alt + z
– make sure the driver mapped correctly
Discord: BaconToaster#5317

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