Download SEOwned_TF2[1.0.4] Hotfix Team Fortress 2

SEOwned – Fully featured cheat
SEOwned is a feature rich, hopefully decent cheat for everyone to use, for free.
Status: Unknown.

  • @Sonixz / spook953 – Main contributor, head of project.
  • @Lak3 – Doing what Spook didn’t, developing and maintaining this public version.
  • @bertti / KGB – Giving help, thank you for that.


More screenshots of the menu.

Other information:

  • The cheat will most probably cause a false positive with your anti-virus. So turn it off or add it to your exception list!
  • Shaded material in chams requires “mat_bumpmap 1”
  • Shiny material in chams requires “mat_specular 1”
  • To unload the cheat, just press F11 and the cheat fully unloads itself!

How to inject:

Visit the BInjector’s release thread below, it’s a simple easy to use injector with clear instructions on how to use it!
BInjector – Simple DLL injector


Menu key is INSERT!

Old versions:
Known issues:

  • Auto rocketjump is buggy


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