Download SARExternal5 Super Animal Royale Hack

Super Animal Royale Hack
Whenever the game updates I’ll post updated config.txt for the hack on this thread.
New download with zoom: Download


  1. 12574138
  2. 12580032
  3. 15853857
  4. 15935093
  5. 15935132
  6. 32853396
  7. 15674624
  8. 15736940
  9. 15929600
  10. 13563063
  11. 32853328


  • wallhack
  • bhop
  • no recoil
  • speed
  • increase enemy hitbox size
  • no banana stun

No anticheat other then obfuscating some values, only manual account bans/ip bans go nuts.
Its a unity game so you can find basically everything using mono in GameScript, GamePlayerNetworked, GamePlayerController. If you want any help with reversing/writing your own hack feel free to hmu.

OxKos Asked on September 15, 2021 in Other Games.
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