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PPCheatMode for Among Us

Version 6 is now available!!! Might not work on steam version
Note: the PP in the name is from “PoseidonPhoenix” not something else.


1. Role Changer : Impostor, Crewmate, Impostor Ghost, Crewmate Ghost
2. Speed Changer
3. Vision Changer
4. Reveal Impostors (In Game And On Meetings)Enable before joining game.
5. No Kill Cooldown
6. Insane Report Distance(while active not able to click use and do tasks i have no idea why this is happening)
7. (Fixed)Become Invisible (Enable whenever you like. When you enter a vent you can move and you are invisible)
8. 10000 Meetings Left
9.Meetings Cooldown 0
10. Map Changer(Only host in lobby before start)
11. No-Clip
12. Teleport(Only In Skeld For Now)
13. Lock On Target (When you get close to someone and the kill button lights up turn the Lock On Target Switch On and then you can kill this specific player from everywhere!!! After the kill happens you have to turn it off again so it doesn’t glitch and then you can do that as many times as you want!!!!)
14. Infinite Vision(See through walls)Enable before game
15. Kill Other Impostor
16. Infinite Kill Range
17. Animations(Scan,Weapons,Trash,Shields)
18. Flipped Skeld(sometimes blackscreen)

Changes In Version 6:

Updated For Among Us Version 2020.12.9s
Removed Maximum allowed kill distance
Added Infinite Kill Range
Added Kill Other Impostor
Added MedBay Scan
Added Weapons, Shields, Trash Animations
Fixed Teleport(Now works even without host)

NOTE: PPCheatMode.exe and MagicMushroom.dll must be in the same folder in order for some cheats to work.
EDIT:If you use 0 Kill Cooldown you may get banned.
Also if you become impostor when you are host or when not and kill someone you will probably get banned too

Credits:Thanks to Adaf
Thanks to Alizer
Thanks to Murzik
Thanks to chancethekiller900 Discord: chancethekiller900#3479
Thanks to @NB3654x for the cheat tables uploaded that helped me a lot.
Thanks to @STRESSEDD and to @Oly474 for helping me fix no-clip.



Asked on March 23, 2021 in Among Us.
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