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Third time making this thread since it keeps getting deleted
A quick python program I wrote up a few nights ago.

Virus Scans:

Note, the virus detections are false-positives caused by using pyInstaller to create the .exe file.
You can always just run it yourself from the source code packaged in the zip file instead of using the exe.

What is osu! AimAssist?

osu! AimAssist is a free COLORBOT that searches near your cursor to find indicators to aim towards.
This program will not give miracles, it only nudges your cursor towards the circle based on the settings you’ve selected.


Should be undetectable against peppy’s current anti-cheat that fucked AQN over by detecting for injected files an DLL’s. Since this is a colorbot and doesn’t inject anything and has no DLL’s.
But, if your AimSpeed setting is too high and someone spectates you/ watches your replay, then they’ll be able to notice if they have a keen eye.
I’d recommend keeping AimSpeed below 10.

The settings and what they do:
Aim Search Width: The width the aim assist will search for (Take these values as how close you have to get to a circle before the aim will help.)
Aim Search Height: The height the aim assist will search for (These also effect the speed of the program, since if it’s larger it takes a longer time to search)
Aim Speed: How fast the aim assist will aim towards the note (Higher number = faster) pretty much pixels per tick that it moves
Aim Accuracy: How close the aim will get to the note before releasing. Lower number = more accurate, if too low the note might lock on for too long causing misses.
Stick Time: Amount of time it will stick to a note after aiming in seconds

The GUI:
imgur link


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