Download natives-in-a-box.7z Grand Theft Auto V

Attached is an IDA script for IDA 7.0-7.5 (recommend 7.0 for speed) and several json data files.Load the .py file while a dump of b2245-sc is open, and the magic will happen automatically.All functions will be viewable in the pseudo-code window (decompiler), though a handful may show “frame errors” due to incorrect function definitions down the line (easy to fix, just change the types).Included are full comments regarding each native (from alloc8or’s nativedb), and all function naming is taken care of.Obfuscation is removed, chunks are reassembled in the correct order, and the stack pointer is adjusted for each native (and it’s required subs).This archive contains no code subject to copyright, it contains only patches (which by their very nature, are not a copy of existing code).No, I will not be released a steam versions, get a life.


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