Download JuicerHax4.0 (In Silence assembly-c-sharp GUI) In Silence Hacks (2021)

In Silence Hacks (2021)
Made some In Silence mods, with via custom Assembly-CSharp.dll
Me and my friends were sitting on top of this mod for quiet a while now and since there’s an update coming this October of 2021, we thought it’ll be nice to release it before the Anti-Cheat update goes through, please enjoy it!!


How to install:

  1. Go to your In Silence game directory (usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\In Silence\In Silence_Data\Managed)
  2. Once in that directory, find “Assembly-CSharp.dll”
  3. Then replace the “Assembly-CSharp.dll” with the new downloaded one!

Attention! There are many bugs! This is for In Silence v0.61

Known Bugs/Issues for v4.0:

  1. Ghost Lobby known to screw vivox voice for in-lobby & game (it’s best to restart game after using that feature; breaks voice icons too)
  2. When changing your name too much, the name beep will not occur (meaning vivox voice hasn’t been sync with new name, it’s best to just restart game; also breaks voice icons)
  3. When rejoining lobby after in-lobby name change, if the server is gone you’re stuck with the rejoining tag (just exit the multiplayer menu to get rid of it)
  4. In Game kill button doesn’t spawn a ragdoll and leave old player model on idle (animationless)
  5. Turing players into the rake & if rake, to survivor is super buggy
  6. If the gate is broken and you no clip, it’ll sent you as an escaped survivor
  7. When a multiplayer game is finished and you’re sent back to the lobby, game UI disappears (rejoin lobby to get it back)
  8. Minor/Harmless bug: Auto-Kick list, lists name multiple times when on rejoin
  9. When kicked at an fast rate, the beep function will freeze the game a bit (just crash the player that might be responsible lol)


Tab – Cheat GUI for in game
Shift – Teleport while moving
Q – Flashbang
R – Other actions Q was previously for
Z – Spawn Rifle in Inventory
X – Spawn Beartrap in Inventory
Scroll Wheel Button – “No Clip” (Not a true noclip but close enough lmao)
Right & Left Mouse Button – Activate Rush Mode as Survivor (Pressed At The Same Time)
Mouse Forward Button – ESP (drops FPS a bit)
Mouse Backward Button – Spawn 10 Scarecrows in 1 place (Great for trapping victims; will lag your game tho :/)
Backspace – Teleport to Spawn (Only works if you’re falling for a long time; usually out the map)




– Unlimited spammable flashbangs
– Unlimited Rat Squeaks
– When Armory is activated, opens only for yourself and other hacked-file havers
– Rifle has Machine Gun characteristics (unlimited ammo)
– Ability Kick anyone in their lobbies
– You are unkickable (but can be disconnected if the kicker has this file/knows what they’re doing)
– You can join locked lobbies
– Can Force start in lobbies
– always run @ 1.5x speed
– Spammable jumps
– Faster activation for objects and repairs
– You are Always GUIDE

Note: There’s 2 known bugs, if you want to take activatable items into your inventory, such as a radio or firework, you have to press the T key to pickup. When lobby Owner, you cannot force start.


– Z key to ESP (drops FPS a little bit)
– O key to Spawn Rifle
– P key to Spawn Mannequin

Note: Same bugs as v1.0.


– Every feature v4.0 has but not in GUI form


– Removed game title screens @ the beginning of game
– After complaints made an option to change name both in lobby and out (buggy if used a lot)

Out of Lobby:
– Togglable Join Invisible/Hidden Lobby (Not working at the moment)
– Togglable Kick All On Join
– When “Kick All On Join” is on, expands into auto-joining, switching regions while doing it & locking onto a single region toggles

In Lobby:
– A short but deep beep will notify you if someone attempts to kick you (buggy-ish if spammed)
– Become a Lobby Ghost button (leave the lobby but your voice still remains, great for trolling large groups of friends)
– Kick all players button
– Revert button for all the props/effects spawned in
– Spawn army of scarecrow button (has 6 different spawn-points, press to see all)
– Spawn yourself has a Rake button
– Spawn yourself as a Rat button
– Spawn “Ending Player” entity on empty spawn-points button
– “Scare” button (places scarecrow in front of lobby camera, usually scares people if you have a soundboard to compliment the feature)
– Togglable Auto-Kick with a list displaying on when added to the list/join attempts (kick a player to add them to the list; duplicates are because of a bug)
– Togglable Force Host (stop other hackers from stealing lobby)
– Player selector button
Corresponds with “Player selector button”:
– Set player to the lobby owner button
– Master Kick button (combines the photon disconnect; to kick players who have anti-kick)
– ‘Crash’ button; Will set the selected player’s skin to invisible and spawn a scarecrow in it’s place to symbolize they’re loading (sends a player into the start-game loading screen, where they are forever loading/waiting for players to load)
– Take Name button (sets the change-name feature to the selected player’s name
– Change Skin button (cycles through all the skins available, goes to 1 more cycle to a show a ‘invisible’ skin)
– The ‘????’ button shown in the screenshot is a “Clean Buffer” button which uses the PhotonNetwork to call it, idk why it’s there I just needed a filler button to make the UI look symmetrical 😛
In Game:
– When typing spawnable key binds won’t activate
– ESP now shows names & the puzzle piece locations
– When falling out the map, Backspace key will send you back to spawn
– Ping masked as 69 (for security reasons)
– Walking speed is now running speed (x2.5)
– Sprint speed x20
– Longer vivox vocal range
– When MasterClient is toggled, cheat GUI options are opened
– Like in lobby, the player selection button is linked with the buttons below non-separated by the white hyphen lines
– Kill button (doesn’t spawn a ragdoll when player is dead so looks kind of buggy)
– Crash button (though they can escape the crash via the esc button)
– Disconnect button
– Turns selected Survivor into the rake; vice versa for the Rake (EXTREMELY BUGGY BUT FUN)
– Flash screen button for selected player
– Flash spam button (Flash Lock, is worse for the Rake because it prohibits movement)
– Send firework over the head of selected player
– Removes the flashlight button; only works for survivors
– Join dead voice chat button (they can hear you but you can’t hear them )
– Repair car/Break gate GUI notification
– Repair car button (can only be used once, will disable the break gate button)
– Break gate button (can only be used once, will disable the car repair button)
– End game button
– Able to spawn Rifle and Bear trap already in inventory with Z & X
– Rifles capped at 69 bullets
– Spawn Spammed scarecrows in 1 position with Mouse-Back button (will cause FPS lag)
– Shortened beginning perks
– Jump Height increased by 40% as Survivor
– Increased flash distance by 75%
– Flashlight distance increased by %50
– Flashbang screen whiten removed
– Unlimited 69 stones
– Free the doge instantly when unlocking
– Increase item placement range
– Telephone doesn’t ring near you
– Able to spawn Rifle with Z
– Removed beginning role announcer
– Jump Height increased by 20% as Rake
– Blindness/Blur decreased
– Immune to Flashes/Bear traps
– Cooldowns are lowered (spam E for a menacing sound effect lol)
– Q ability (dash) now replaced with Enraged ability
– Immune to default rifle damage
– Players caught cannot flash out/away from you (guaranteed death)

Credits:Yude2000 – GUI & Post design
xUpgradex – Lobby Mods
K&B Cheats – Repair Car, ESP & Spawnings
Tombstone – Lobby Ghost Feature
Shout out to Christina Applegate, SqlReject & that one dude with the yellow admin tag for helping bug test this!

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