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Guylet’s Playerdex
What is Playerdex? It’s an external player logger (logs name, RID), it’s also an RID joiner (join any player you want as long as they’re in a public session) and it also downloads and displays the mugshots of each player.


  • Logs names, RID of all players in the session, as well as time of logging
  • Favourites tab. You can add any player to your favourites
  • RID joiner. You can join any player as long as they’re in a public session
  • Downlaods mugshots of the players you select. Both MP1 and MP2
  • A notes box to keep notes on players

If you want to join the RID you set using the “RID to join” button, you need to go to Pause > ONLINE > Crews > Suggested Crews > (select any crew) > View Members > (in the crew members list, select anyone online) > Join Game. It’ll then join the RID you entered.
You can run it without running GTA if you just want to view players you have previously logged, or you can run GTA and press the “Log” button to log all of the players in the session you’re in. Players are logged to “players.ini” in the directory where the .exe is.
If you want the font to look the same as in the screenshots, you need to install “Nimbus Sans D OT”
If you find any bugs (i’m sure there will be plenty) or you just have suggestions, let me know.

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