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GHUB Lua Script Modifier
I’ve been sitting on this for a while but got bored so I made a couple basic changes to make it work with the way GHUB looks at the LUA and am ready to release this *mostly working application
First things first: I made this a long time ago, and took advice from a friend who plays siege a lot on how to do the UI(e.g. naming, and how many options to have).
At the time the recoil script worked with a float, now it only works with whole numbers.
Second: The script itself is really basic, my friend got it from god knows where and I have been using it since, so nothing special.
The main thing here is saving a config, changing your hotkey, and enabling/disabled rapid fire with UI

So, without further unnecessary explanation, here is the script I am using, this is what you want to put into your GHUB:

  1. EnablePrimaryMouseButtonEvents (true);
  2. function OnEvent(event,arg)
  3. if IsKeyLockOn(“capslock”)then
  4. if IsMouseButtonPressed(3)then
  5. repeat
  6. if IsMouseButtonPressed(1) then
  7. repeat
  8. MoveMouseRelative(0,1)
  9. Sleep(1)
  10. until not IsMouseButtonPressed(1)
  11. end
  12. until not IsMouseButtonPressed(3)
  13. end
  14. end
  15. end
Next up is the actual script modifier. All it is, is a C# Windows forms app that reads and writes to the file to make changes, for example it will modify Slee(int), and will save that for later.


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