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Eternal Return Trainer (IL2Cpp)

Trainer for Eternal Return for Non-MP play. Feature’s ESP and invincibility, plus mod to critical chance hits so you can kill some of the fucker’s quickly. NOTE: If using invincible, you can also remain in restricted areas without being killed. Also, added a touch up to the ESP, I noticed that for some reasons it was missing some players. So now use generate a unique hash for each player and they ALL show up. You can determine distance from player based on the brightness of the line and thickness, it will narrow to a point at the target, so a fat grey line, the target is far away.

Special Credit to @gamerone for providing a backup of the last mono assemblies. Without it, this would have taken alot longer to release! +rep to him.

  1. HotKeys:
  2. F1 = Reprint Hotkeys
  3. RightShift + H = Give Max Health/Stamina (Invincible)
  4. RightShift + S = Toggle Stealth
  5. RightShift + O = Toggle ESP

Working install of BepInEx v6 for IL2CPP. (Get it from the latest Bleeding-Edge IL2Cpp builds)


Place file within the ‘BepInEx\Plugins’ folder
Download the Unity Runtime Libraries which can be found by searching Google (you want the 2019.4.14 runtimes), or you can download the Unity Editor for version 2019.4.14 and extract them yourself. Make a folder named ‘unity-libs’ in the BepInEx folder, put the runtime libraries in this folder. Run game and it will created unstripped unhollowed assemblies in the BepInEx\unhollowed folder.


v1.2: Full package install can be found on NexusMods so you don’t have to do the unstripping.
When you create the ‘unity-libs’ folder under BepInEX and extract the unity runtimes make sure there’s no sub-folder in ‘unity-libs’. It should be just like this:

  1. BepInEx
  2. unitylibs
  3. “… all the unity runtime asseblies dll’s”
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