How to join servers without Battleye and FPS Boosting with VULKAN API DXVK
First of all you need 2 dayz launcher. (You must have logged into the last server you played from both launchers once.)

I prefer use dzsalauncher and official game launcher.

Open dzsalauncher go to settings and click Skip Battleye.

Close dzsalauncher and open official game launcher and go to Battleye tab and uncheck “Enable Battleye anti-cheat software”.

Now don’t close official launcher and open dzsalauncher. OK now here is important you need faster than light. Both launchers must be open.

Click play button on official dayz launcher after quickly alt tab and back to dzsalauncher and quickly join same server. (I recommend adding it to your favorites beforehand to find it quickly on launchers)

So there will be two working dayz clients.

While the two clients are in the main menu of the game, you can automatically join the server you have entered before by pressing the play button on one of them.

Even if it takes you to the server, you will be thrown from the server with a Battleye error in a few seconds. After seeing the error immediately, alt-tab with a quick move and switch to the other client, quickly press the play button.

You may fail on your first few attempts.

Actually, my purpose in doing this was to bypass the game’s Anti-Cheat system and try to get more FPS/frame rate from the game by using VULKAN/DXVK API instead of DX11 rendering. I was successful at this. I will share the VULKAN files if anyone wants to try it. (Transfer the d3d11.dll and dxgi.dll files from the x32 folder to the folder where the game’s .exe is located, so the game will use VULKAN instead of DirectX. The game will stumble at first because it will fill the vulkan cache to learn the game’s graphics, play for a while, the next time you log in, the higher framerate you will get FPS.

OxKos Asked on September 13, 2021 in ARMA 3.
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