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Dead Frontier 2
Zombies fixed. They don’t attack. Double critical hit.
You can keep the file in its original state. You can enter the address where the game is installed and paste it.
If the game does not open, Dead Frontier 2 new update has arrived. Wait for the next new .dll file to be refreshed. good games.
The “Comer and Sons Inc” building with boss hunter, stalker and Red is waiting for you. What are you waiting for? You are allowed..
Suitable for version on Mini update (Leaderboard Competitions Update (v0.205)). (11.09.2021 current version)
Make sure that the file name you downloaded is “Assembly-CSharp.dll” written in this figure. Replace this name “Assembly-CSharp_[]_” with “Assembly-CSharp.dll” so rename it. Paste it where the same file is.

Suitable for version on Mini update (Leaderboard Competitions Update (v0.205)). (11.09.2021 current version)
In this download link, the octopus arms have been removed. The long worm sleeves have been cancelled. But when we shoot at the head, it is not affected. The head was tied to the limbs. Ideal for close combat.
Note: When you play with players, the other side benefits.
Despite the risk of being caught, you can play the game alone or by creating a server room with the “Quit to Lobby” option. This is healthier.
For those who do not know “Quit to Lobby”, enter the game completely and press the ESC key. You will see “Quit to Lobby”. I didn’t eat ban. I do not undertake any Ban-related incidents for you.
I’m sorry to my friends who ate bans. The instructions still work.
New update. pending…

OxKos Asked on September 13, 2021 in Dead Frontier 2.
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