Download Config Loader PUBG Mobile Config Loader for Pubg Mobile global version

Config Loader for Pubg Mobile global version
that is a simple application for loading UserCustom.ini easiest way, you don’t need to do long process copy past or edit again and again,
We use config file for fixing lag issue and unlock fps etc in pubg mobile.
Basically that application edit usercustom.ini, and store it.
If we apply manually add usercustom.ini like copy that file and past in game folder etc it’s a long way..
When you restart your game or phone then usercustom.ini file automatically rest etc
So that application help to edit user custom.ini file and add your usercustom.ini file. When you save it then don’t need to repeat previous instructions,First Time Step 1. Just open application and edit usercustom.ini and paste your config and save it, or tap on run and then game will open
How to Edit:
delele all above the [BackUp DeviceProfile]
Like this…0-01-55-15.png

Now paste your config code above the [BackUp DeviceProfile]
Like this…0-25-55-60.png

Step 2: When you close game or restart phone just open application tap on LOAD then Tap On INJECT and then top on RUN
That’s all your config loaded
don’t follow Step 1 again, it just for one time and if you want use new config file or change it then follow Step 1
I have already share source code,you can use it it’s very simple
Thank you so much.

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