Download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare MW Soft Unlocker 1.0

MW/ WZ Soft Unlocker 1.0

As promised, this is the compiled soft unlock tool (including injector) and full source code. This version looks up the sigs on future updates as well so shouldn’t need to be updated. But in any case the source code is included (if you want to be 100% safe I’d recommended you change the source anyway) Since some of you are already posting compiled dark matter/ hard unlock tools I probably won’t bother releasing that

Steps to run:

1. Extract somewhere on your PC
2. Click run.bat (say yes to grant administrator permissions)
3. Open Modern Warfare 2019 and press enter once the intro video starts playing
4. Enter the game and pick the stuff you want. Vehicle skins and taunts, tracks and others will stick by default. You can save the camos and bundles you want as blueprints. For calling cards save them as a favorite.

After you close the game and restart without the tool, everything will be there permanently
Note: this includes a compiled version of modmap and kdmapper, just pulled from the respective git repositories and compiled. modmap driver modified slightly to be compatible with kdmapper
Credit for modmap: btbd
Credit for kdmapper: z175
Extra info: If you experience crashing or error messages when you inject, you can try a different DLL or run modmap on the command line. Check user792021 messages on page 4 for info

I’ve gotten it to work by injecting as soon as possible when the video transition pops up. You can rotate modmap with these three:
d3d11.dll d3d12.dll discord_game_sdk.dll – if none of them work (you get the free trailing memory error), just reboot your game and try again.


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