Download Bloons TD 6 Trainer – Bloons TD6 Trainer Update v2.6

Bloons TD 6 Trainer (Current)

Trainer for Bloons TD 6. A Tower defense game, but stock full of addons/in-app purchases for upgrades, customization, etc. All you need.

Trainer Update v2.6 Released – 9/10/2021

Updated TrainerUI helper included, communication module rewrite to provide better connection to game and communication. Touched up a few things, and fixed reported issues. Added ability to add only selected Power like InstaMonkey’s.

Enjoy! I guess next up is adding XP to specific Monkey’s. Yeah?

Install BepInEx IL2Cpp x64 and run game once. Then drop the trainer into the plugins folder.

Working install of BepInEx for IL2CPP. (Get it from Github latest Bleeding-Edge IL2Cpp build)Install:

Place file within the ‘BepInEx\Plugins’ folder

Download the Unity Runtime Libraries which can be found by searching Google (you want the 2019.4.20 runtimes), or you can download the Unity Editor for version 2019.4.20 and extract them yourself. Make a folder named ‘unity-libs’ in the BepInEx folder, put the runtime libraries in this folder. Run game and it will created unstripped unhollowed assemblies in the BepInEx\unhollowed folder.

No Longer Needed in v2.2+
For those having issues with installing, here’s the solution:
When you create the ‘unity-libs’ folder under BepInEX and extract the unity runtimes make sure there’s no sub-folder in ‘unity-libs’. It should be just like this:
  1. BepInEx
  2. unitylibs
  3. “… all the unity runtime asseblies dll’s”


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