Download BInjector_1.1 BInjector – Simple DLL injector

Basic Injector (BInjector):
Releasing this injector so I can refer people here in my releases, this injector is VAC undetected and bypasses CSGO’s trusted launch (Since v1.1)! It’s very minimal, simple and easy to use. It should work everywhere where a simple LoadLibrary injector is needed. Goal is to keep it simple, but if you have any suggestions for it, feel free to discuss them below!

How to use (Video): Thanks @Sonixz for it!

How to use (Text):

It should be fairly simple, I tried to keep it as simple as I can for the people who are using an injector for the first time. The injector itself also asks you for “what it wants” very clearly, it will report possible errors and what might be wrong (Not for every error, but most of them).
1.) Download the injector, extract it to a folder
2.) Download the cheat, extract it to the same folder
3.) Run the injector, write down the DLL name (Including the .dll extension)
4.) Select the delay before injecting (This is the delay how fast the DLL gets injected after the wanted process is found)
5.) Select the process you want to inject the DLL into (the exename including the .exe extension)
6.) Wait for the injector to report the status of the injection, and for it to close down in case it was successful!


  1. Removed “dwWait” related problems
  2. Removed case sensitive input
  3. Added CSGO trusted mode bypass


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