Antiban Ban No Ban PUBG Mobile

Antiban Ban No Ban
Straight to the point i’ve got some stuff that should help you guys ta make your own antiban am not having the time to dig more into this so you can search and learn and mybe get something good out of this one
this is a part of the anticheat system used by pubg mobile
while loading the screen before the logo these settings are applied to some of the libs now whoever is used to modify libs should find this one easy to deal with

first file :…39/config2.xml
second file :…39/config3.xml
third file :…1_dyncures.ifs

the first and second files are applying the changes to the libs and files of pubg
and if we focus a little there should be some hex values that are being applied to the lib before it logins to pubg

Some Ideas 

ps : want to rank up ? do the things like this :
1 – use a tool called firewall no root from playstore & block all ports & addresses coming from pubg ( search on how to use the tool first ) .
2 – block and in your firewall and in hosts file and in internet options > security > sites
3 – when you are in the plane block port 17500 and when you finish the game unblock it + close and start the internet to reconnect to pubg server .
4 – do not kill any bots let your team mates kill them or just ignore them .
5 – do not kill more than 7 people and this one is a very good method to avoid ban .
6 – kill as you want and use your brain in some situations ( when you face a magic bullet player do not try to activatee all options to beat him he’ll get banned sooner or later instead you should calm even if you die it’s just a game better than losing the account )
7 – good luck everyone .

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