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Fix bans on TGB (AECommon + host block) Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile

Fix bans on TGB (AECommon + host block)

Project Cerberus is not patched they are detecting you externally.

Important notice – the host links are shortened so if you want to use them click the link it will open in new tab then copy url you can see this photo if you copy the links as a plain text it will look like this
after you guys done editing the host file remove the write access from system for that file

If your game crashes mid game then don’t open your account for next 4 hours after that open it on your mobile device
Make sure you are using latest version of gameloop and project cerberus.
sync your emulator and windows date and time according to where you live
Make sure your host file is saved because if you don’t have administrator privilage it will prompt you to save it as a text file guys don’t blame me for your own fault me and my friends still using.

Many people shared there experience with me and i can say that those who got banned Haven’t read the instructions properly. Bypass is working safe
Current status – not working anymore
These host are according to the current version of gameloop and i had blocked the update of gameloop through these hosts so that means these hosts will never gets outdated. i suggest everyone to use these hosts before they bring any kind of update
Add these to your C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts…p.php?op=query…c=AowUpdateExe…75_AowGame.xml
From your android emulator delete a file named houdini there are three files there like libhoudini make sure you delete only which name is only houdini you need root access for that
and final step is replace the Aecommondll.dll from ui folder to one with i gave you
and please make sure this don’t ends up on youtube else i will stop updating this.
Don’t play tdm you will get ban for sure .
you more likely to get ban when you are in lobby so after you done playing just logout your main id and login to guest account and when the next day you open your game if you get ban in your guest account just clear data and rebypass using the app.
plz read this
Just add these hosts remove houdini and you are undetected aecommondll.dll is for those who wants to use cheats with bypass.
So, stop sending messages for the file you will get the file once it approved
Houdini location – you have to delete this file only once. Download es file explorer enable root explorer see this picture go to /system/bin/houdini see this picture
Aecommondll.dll location – you have to replace this file with this…=file&id=27596 by default its located in d drive -program file -txgameassistant- ui see this picture
as long as you are using cheats which only reads from memory not writes to it you are fine without this dll. Cheats like esp and external aimbot
compatible cheats – vn old loader, wind 7.2(have magic bullet and don’t use god view),dego
please note- if you gets banned for using cheats other than these don’t blame on me
How to reach conqueror guide (you must use this guide in order to be safe while using hacks)
#Rule 1-> don’t kill people until they become visible to you for example if someone is proned in grass plz don’t kill him wait for him to fire.
#Rule 2 -> don’t use god view use magic bullet its safe but make sure you know enemy position before you use it.
#Rule 3 -> don’t play with auto matchmaking or solo vs squads ->reason can’t explain its secret
I won’t release any other update to this thread i am moving on to smart gaga as its keymapping is same as gameloop and it gives decent fps wait about 2 weeks for better bypass and don’t worry about cheats i will release new bypass with cheats
Read this-> most of the people on this forum lack basic knowledge about computers these host links will only work on particular version of gameloop you are getting banned because your gameloop version is different i’ve told you to update it and use my host to block future updates now you are on different version of gameloop. Just find hosts for your versions and you are good.

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