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Download zJannyMenu V3.0 zJannyMenu Red Dead Redemption 2 – Gold Treasure Spawner hacks

zJannyMenu – Gold Treasure Spawner

Currently working on: Adding ALL collectibles
Changelog V3.2 (not released yet, more features may follow)
spawn collector items:
Spawn Durant Pearl Bracelet
Spawn Elliston Carved Pearl Bracelet
Spawn Dane Topaz Necklace
Spawn Pilgrim Moonstone Ring
Spawn Sackville diamond ring
Spawn Yates diamond ring
Spawn Beaulieux diamond ring
Spawn Thorburn turquoise ring
Spawn Orchidee diamond earrings
Spawn Ursula citrene earrings
Spawn Josephine pearl earrings
Spawn Tuamotu pearl necklace
Spawn Hajnal garnet bangle bracelet
Spawn Dane topaz necklace
Spawn Stearling tooth earrings
Spawn Royal victoria diamond earrings
Spawn Irish whiskey
Spawn Cognac
Spawn Caribbean rum
Spawn Londin dry gin
Spawn Old tom gin
Spawn Boar Bristle Brush
Spawn Ivory comb
Spawn Goat hair brush
Spawn New guina rosewood hairbrush
Spawn Rosewood hairbrush
Spawn Boxwood comb
Spawn Tortoisshell comb
Spawn Carved wooden hairpin
Spawn 1700 New Yorke Token
Spawn 1787 One Cent Token
Spawn 1789 Penny
Spawn 1792 Nickel
Spawn 1792 Quarter
Spawn 1792 Liberty Quarter
Spawn 1794 Silver Dollar
Spawn 1795 Half Eagle
Spawn 1796 Halfpenny
Spawn 1797 Gold Eagle
Spawn 1798 Draped Bust Silver Dollar
Spawn 1800 Half Dime
Spawn 1800 Five Dollar Bechtler
Spawn 1800 Gold Quarter
Spawn 1800 Gold Dollar
changed: made ESP font smaller
changed little changes to the triggerbot
Changelog V3.1
added: Jewerly Collector Item spawner
added: Carribian Rum collector Item spawner
added: Old Tum Gin collector item spawner
added: Irish Whiskey collector item spawner
added: Duck egg collectable spawner Changelog V3.0
added ESP
added Spawn treasure to other player
fixed Contoller related bugs
Changelog V2.9
changed: Reworked playerlist
added: Ultra jump
added: Tp lobby to selected Player
added: Player Infos:
fixed: treasure spawn on top of head.
Coords, Alive, In Vehicle
added: Spawn Food crate
added Spawn Ammo crate
added: One Shot one kill
added: Naked woman and man to model changer
added: Story characters likes Jack Marston and Dutch.
changed: Removed Teleport in Vehicle (Now included in teleport to player)
changed TP player to me now works when player is in a vehicle
changed: Made UI Navigation easier and fixed the bug that glitches the menu away when opening changed: XP mode now works in a loop and spawns and kills a bear every 500 ms
added: Explode player loop
added Shake player cam loop
added: Delete Last Treasure when spawning a new one (can be toggle on/off)
fixed: Godmode will now work all the times!
fixed: Same as above for No Ragdoll
added Teleport last used vehicle to me
fixed various bugs!
added: Spawn chest with money and GOLD
added: Weather changer.
changed: UI
added: Choose mode (Story, Online). You can select it on the little message box that shows up injection
changed: TP to waypoint now works in vehicle and on horse. And you will get teleportet above ground. (Used @AlwaysKaffa code with some modifications)
added: Hash gun
added: Teleport gun
added: AmmoEditor:
Select Ammo type.
Select Damage Scale
Select Camera shake
Owned explosion
Apply Ammo
added: Set wind speed
added: Object Spawner with over 120 objects!
added: Controller Support
added: Object Editor:
Edit X
Edit Y
Edit Z
Edit Pitch
Edit Yaw
Edit Roll
Delete Object
Enable/Disable Phyiscs
added: 20 more vehicles to vehicle spawner
added: custom teleport location:
Enter custom X coord
Enter custom Y coord
Enter custom Z coord
Teleport to Location
Save Current location for Session
Reset Coords
added: Kill online player horse
added: Shake online player cam
added: XP Mode
added: Vehicle Spawner
added: Infinite Deadeye
added: No Reload
added: Explode online Player
added: Explode all Players
added: Owned Explosion (If you explode someone you get the kill)
added: Teleport player to me (Thanks to @maxiZzModz for explaining me how to do it)
added: Teleport player to lock room
changed: When using teleport in vehicle, the driver wont get kicked out anymore because you will get ported in seat 2
added: Teleport Gun (might crash)
added: 4 new teleport locations
added: 22 new Models for ModelChanger
added: Singleplayer compatiblity
added: Ped Spawner
added: more Animals to Spawn
added: Spawn animal invincible
added: model changer
changed: When you clone another player the clone will attack the player
added: unlimited horse stamina
added: delete Vehicle(does not work for horses)
added: Player Info z.b Is in Vehicle Yes or No
added: change menu position
Inject in Online mode or menu wont open!
Press F8 to open!
Press F12 to eject
Press F3 to teleport to waypoint
Features: Not All are listed here! Look at the changelog for all features
Clone Ped
Skip Tutorial Mission
Super Jump
Never Wanted
No Stamina Loss
Show/Hide Radar
Player Visible/Invisible
No Ragdoll
“Horn Boost”
Vehicle Godmode
Horsegodmode (=VehicleGodmode)
Spawn Animal Dead/Alive
TELEPORT (More Locations will be added soon!)
Teleport to waypoint
Teleport to Saint Denis
Teleport to Emerald Ranch
Teleport to Cult Ufo
Caliga Hall
Sasint Denis Police DP
Gaptooth Breach Mineshaft
Guarma Fort
Saint Denis Paperboy
Ambarino Sign
Tanners Reach
Swadlass Point
Upper Montana River
WEAPONS (More options cooming soon too!)
Infinite Ammo
Online Player
Spectate Player
Teleport in Vehicle
Teleport to Player
Freeze Player
Clone Player


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