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Download zJannyMenu V2.5 Red Dead Redemption 2 hacks

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zJanny Menu V2.5

Hello, I want to release my mod menu today, it doesnt have that many features but its 99% safe. I hope you like it!
added: Teleport player to me (Thanks to @maxiZzModz for explaining me how to do it)
added: Teleport player to lock room
changed: When using teleport in vehicle, the driver wont get kicked out anymore because you will get ported in seat 2
added: Teleport Gun (might crash)
added: 4 new teleport locations
added: 22 new Models for ModelChanger
added: Singleplayer compatiblity
added: Ped Spawner
added: more Animals to Spawn
added: Spawn animal invincible
added: model changer
changed: When you clone another player the clone will attack the player
added: unlimited horse stamina
added: delete Vehicle(does not work for horses)
added: Player Info z.b Is in Vehicle Yes or No
added: change menu position
Press F8 to open!
Clone Ped
Skip Tutorial Mission
Super Jump
Never Wanted
No Stamina Loss
Show/Hide Radar
Player Visible/Invisible
No Ragdoll
“Horn Boost”
Vehicle Godmode
Horsegodmode (=VehicleGodmode)
Spawn Animal Dead/Alive
TELEPORT (More Locations will be added soon!)
Teleport to waypoint
Teleport to Saint Denis
Teleport to Emerald Ranch
Teleport to Cult Ufo
Caliga Hall
Sasint Denis Police DP
Gaptooth Breach Mineshaft
Guarma Fort
Saint Denis Paperboy
Ambarino Sign
Tanners Reach
Swadlass Point
Upper Montana River
WEAPONS (More options cooming soon too!)
Infinite Ammo
Online Player
Spectate Player
Teleport in Vehicle
Teleport to Player
Freeze Player
Clone Player
Credits: @SirMestre for making the base!


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