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Download X31.7.2 059 client Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats

[X31.7.2] 059 client

If you have bad fps with this on flash player 18, try the latest flash player 30, or unplug a playstation controller if you have one connected. The cause has been found but I didn’t have the fix ready by the time deca released this update. Non xbox controllers plugged into usb cause mega lag, sorry.
Famebot stuff:
Check the options under Fame options. Explanation of the Fame options:
Distance Threshold: the distance from each player to include in the density calculation (it loops through each player, then loops through each player again and checks which player is under this distance from the outer loop player, if they’re under the threshold then it counts)
Offset from Center: how far away from the center (calculated above^), in the direction others are moving
Tele Distance: how far away from the center until you teleport to the center
Fame Point Offset: randomly, your player will walk away from the center in each direction, the distance away from the center is multiplied by this number – this is to prevent multiple people from looking stacked on top of each other if they’re botting – INCREASE THIS IF YOU LOOK STACKED ON TOP – ALSO INCREASE IF YOU’RE GETTING STUCK ON ROCKS (1.0 is good)
Walk back to Train legit: makes it so you don’t reconnect immediately back to the realm, instead you will walk to the realm portal and wait until it opens
Disclaimer: YOU CAN GET BANNED FOR FAMEBOTTING, BE WARNED! It has happened and it can happen to you. I added randomization to avoid detection, but it’s not a guarantee. The way you get banned is by other people recording you and spending the time to figure out who is botting and who isn’t.
To set a new fame train realm portal type /fameportal, otherwise just turn famebot on and walk to a portal to set it the first time.
Changes this build:
– Made autonexus client hp account for warrior draconic helm hp buff
– Login to Steam or Kongregate accounts – the Secret on the login menu is for these types of accounts, if you paste in the secret like what muledump uses, it will login to your Steam/Kongregate account and you can play normally
– Custom sound effects – white bag drop notifier, dungeon dinger for when people open keys, private message notification
– A lot of performance optimizations, this client should run a lot smoother than normal and also use less memory
– Custom Stats Monitor shows ping too (taking suggestions as for where to put this, it currently covers up rank in the top left), shows FPS, LATency, and MEMory usage
– Fame options to avoid losing fame bonuses
– Debuff ignoring like normal, except ignoring server debuffs (in red) shows you how many you’ve ignored – threshold is at 25, it will stop blocking them after so you don’t dc from the server
– Auto Ability has been completely seperated from Auto Aim, they are independent of each other
– Loot preview showing item icons over bags
– Auto Responder for Thessal/Cem/Sewers (no Lod for now)
– Has custom timers for boss phases, if you click on it it says the timer in chat so be careful, you can set your own timer with /timer 120 for 2 minutes or /timer 2:00, also some of the marble colossus phases are wrong – if you have proper phases (chat message that the boss says and the number of seconds the phase lasts) enter them here and I’ll include it, this goes for any boss
– Number of enemies left in dungeon, during events, is not shown in chat but is displayed on the screen below the timer area
– Reverse cultist staff and make etherite shoot straight and fix colossus sword.
– List keys in player’s inventories
– Typing /realm <name> will keep joining a random realm until you get into that realm, so type /realm cyc for Cyclops
– Vault Only mode, check it on the main menu to make it so you never join Nexus, ever
– Low CPU mode hotkey, disables a LOT of stuff, including enemy shots and aoe bombs
– Questbar, shows quest hp, could use some improvement
– Show damage dealt to enemy under their sprite
– Good autonexus, with seal heals and everything, it should only very rarely desync, no guarantees as usual, it is possible to die with it and it has happened, avoid playing in laggy servers. There’s a hotkey to manually reset HP and an option to automatically reset if it gets too far off.
– Teleport to self, useful for anything where you need 1 second of invulnerability, great for parasite den and other shit
– Auto claim daily login
– Language strings and all sounds are embedded in the client to reduce bandwidth, but at the cost of making the client an extra ~4 mb
/aig <#> – add enemy to ignore list
/alpha <#> – sets transparency level, 0.5 is default
/an – show autonexus percent
/an <#> – set autonexus percent, type /an 20 for 20% autonexus
/ah – show autoheal percent
/ah <#> – set autoheal percent, type /ah 20 for 20% autoheal
/ap – show autopot percent
/ap <#> – set autopot percent, type /ap 20 for 20% autopotion
/ao – make other players transparent
/bg – toggle rendering map backgrounds (sprite stars and nexus blue perlin noise island things)
/bgfps <#> – set background fps
/con <server name> – connect to server (/con usw, /con aus, etc)
/conn – same as above if you have replace /con in options
/constructs – toggles ignoring of all constructs
/copy – take the appearance of someone else
/cstat – toggle showing ClientStat packets, removed the option from Visual
/fake <name> – spawn a fake object at your location
/fgfps <#> – set foreground fps
/follow <name> or /f <name> – follows a name, type /follow or /f to stop
/fpm – shows current fame per minute
/fpmclear – resets fpm
/fps <#> – sets your fps
/fs – toggle fullscreen
/gkick – kicks someone from your guild
/gmake – creates a guild
/goto – join server ip
/gquit – quits guild
/grank <name> <rank> – changes the rank of your guild member
/gwho – sends /tell mreyeball mates
/hidepets and /pets – hides pets
/igdefault – reset ignore list to default
/ip – current server ip
/keys – show players with keys
/keylist – toggle the keylist
/l – show coordinates but shorter
/left – potions left to max (one of two things stolen from crazyclient, this and showing your roll when you level)
/loc – show coordinates
/lockfilter or /lf – hide nonlocked players
/lid or /lootindefault – reset autoloot inclusion list to default
/lil or /lootinlist – list all items in the inclusion list
/lia or /lootinadd <itemid> – add item to inclusion list
/lir or /lootinrem <itemid> – rem item to exclusion list
/led or /lootexdefault – reset autoloot exclusion list to default
/lel or /lootexlist – list all items in the exclusion list
/lea or /lootexadd <itemid> – add item to exclusion list
/ler or /lootexrem <itemid> – rem item from exclusion list
/moveload – load recording from text file
/moveplay – playback recording
/moverec – record your movement
/movesave – save recording to text file
/movestop – stop recording
/msc or /mscale – fullscreen’s map scaling
/mserver – sends /tell mreyeball server
/mystic – reveals mystics in train
/nt – go to nexus tutorial
/private – sends /tell mreyeball private profile
/rig <#> – remove enemy from ignore list
/s – swap all items in inventory and backpack
/sbthreshold <#> – set spellbomb autoaim threshold (also in options)
/scui or /scaleui – toggle fullscreen’s uiscale
/setmsg1 <message> – sets a message to be saved, can be resent with the Custom Message 1 hotkey in Options under World
/setmsg2 <message> – sets a message to be saved, can be resent with the Custom Message 2 hotkey in Options under World
/setmsg3 <message> – sets a message to be saved, can be resent with the Custom Message 3 hotkey in Options under World
/sfadd – add word to spam filter
/sfclear – clear spam filter
/sfdefault – reset spam filter to default
/sflist – list spam filter words
/skulltargets <#> – set skull autoaim minimum target amount
/skullthrehsold <#> – set skull autoaim threshold (also in options)
/sound <name> – play a custom sound or in game sound
/suicide – disables autonexus and makes all shots spawn on you
/timer <seconds> or /timer <minutes:seconds> – set a custom timer, like /timer 5:04 will set it to 5 minutes and 4 seconds
/tooltip <item> command – Typing /tooltip Demon Blade will show a tooltip of a dblade, for debugging purposes
/tut – go to tutorial
/uitextsize <#> command – change text size of custom timers/keylist
/vault – toggle vault only mode
/world – show world #
/vol <#> – set volume level
Add all chests to boss priority
FPS lag – unplug your PS4 controller if you have one… need to get around to fixing this
Option to refresh charlist on main menu
Make /con or /conn switch characters
Right click to withdraw/deposit vault items
Probably more too

Virus Scans:…9c6a/detection…job/wfprmlkruk


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