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Download X31.4.0 059 client – St Patrick’s update – Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats

If you have bad fps with this on flash player 18, try the latest flash player 30, or unplug a playstation controller if you have one connected. The cause has been found but I didn’t have the fix ready by the time deca released this update. Non xbox controllers plugged into usb cause mega lag, sorry.

Famebot stuff:
Check the options under Fame options. Explanation of the Fame options:
Distance Threshold: the distance from each player to include in the density calculation (it loops through each player, then loops through each player again and checks which player is under this distance from the outer loop player, if they’re under the threshold then it counts)
Offset from Center: how far away from the center (calculated above^), in the direction others are moving
Tele Distance: how far away from the center until you teleport to the center
Fame Point Offset: randomly, your player will walk away from the center in each direction, the distance away from the center is multiplied by this number – this is to prevent multiple people from looking stacked on top of each other if they’re botting – INCREASE THIS IF YOU LOOK STACKED ON TOP – ALSO INCREASE IF YOU’RE GETTING STUCK ON ROCKS (1.0 is good)
Walk back to Train legit: makes it so you don’t reconnect immediately back to the realm, instead you will walk to the realm portal and wait until it opens
Disclaimer: YOU CAN GET BANNED FOR FAMEBOTTING, BE WARNED! It has happened and it can happen to you. I added randomization to avoid detection, but it’s not a guarantee. The way you get banned is by other people recording you and spending the time to figure out who is botting and who isn’t.

To set a new fame train realm portal type /fameportal, otherwise just turn famebot on and walk to a portal to set it the first time.

Changes this build:
– Added an option to show your own pet but hide everyone else’s (Options -> Visual – Hide Pets, it’s the 3rd option)
– Fixed dialogs not closing when you nexus
– Made ToS popup hidden by default
– Added the Spring Nexus map
– Damaging tiles are now shown in Low CPU mode
– Added more Auto Use HP Pot at % values (Options -> Auto -> Auto HP Pot Threshold)
– Fixed Min Fame Bonus and Min Feed Power having swapped descriptions (Options -> Loot)
Virus Scans:…9e8d/detection…job/zdg6neux3p


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