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Download Unpacked xigncode Anti-Cheat Bypass

Unpacked xigncode files

Long time ago in 2016 I was reversing xigncode in MicroVolts
In game folder there only few files, but in fact it has module structure, at that date I’ve unwrapped, where it was required unpacked and devirtualized, and then reversed information I need
Of course it’s not full, something I didn’t even touched, something skipped, maybe even someone released something similar, but anyway I want to release these files here, so hope it will be useful for someone
I want to describe a bit of structure, but to be honest I don’t remember a lot of things
0_original – original files that were in folder with game
1_unwrapped – folder with unpacked xmag and xnina containers, as far as I remember I had reimplemented filesystem functional from x3.xem to unarchive files
2_unpacked – final files that you can inspect, fully unpacked/decrypted/decompressed, nothing erased, and ready for static analysis
x3 – real name is xbase, packed with themida, it’s a module that got loaded by game and where anticheat starts, it has many interesting things including module loader and filesystem
x3_egg/xbase_egg – subparts of x3
xcorona – wasn’t used in my case, didn’t reversed
xm – message printer, called when detected, error, and etc.
xmag – is a big container, where stored many files including modules
xnina – is a container with files again, used for updating
xst – system tray as far as I remember
xxd-0 – unknown exe host
altfinder – “altitude finder” encrypted lua script that searching for something
bogus – unknown tiny file
fnm – “function matrix” encrypted lua script that searching for function signatures
hpo – don’t remember
jpo – encrypted json file, with some white/black signatures,hashes,names
spo – encrypted containers with signatures, i’ve decrypted them, but their format probably can be reversed in xclio
xclio and xmag\xclio_egg – big module, that have important logic including probe generation
xdl – don’t remember, maybe downloader
xdna – contains configuration
xez – unknown for me
xip – container with ip ranges, probably to determine country or something
xkaga, xmorpheus, xobserver, xselector – didn’t reversed
xpl – packet loader, important module contains logic for probe
xsg – system guard module
xup – updater module
xwormhole – unknown module, was virtualized
P.S. If you have some additional information, post it here, it will be interesting to read, especially about files that I didn’t reversed.


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