Download Twixxy’s Chat Assistant w/Auto QS Script

Twixxy’s Chat Assistant w/Auto QS Script

  1. Rainbow GG – F2
  2. Colorful Twixxy is bae (Press it because you know it’s true) – F3
  3. Auto QS – Middle Mouse Button
  4. Colorful GLHF text – F4
  5. Colorful Get rekt m9 – F5
  6. L337 H4X0R – F6


It also works with all Call of Duty’s and will only work when a Call of Duty (any of them) is running.

Chat tool messing up? Make sure you have ‘t’ set as your global chat button!

Auto QS not working? Make sure you don’t have anything binded to middle mouse button!

Have anything you would like me to add? Feel free to pm me or just reply with your recommendation.

Click that “Download and Thanks” button please.
Vac Status: Undetected (it’s written in Autohotkey so like erm, chances of getting banned are like slim to none)


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