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Download Teeria Bot – Modded client using ImGui Terraria Hacks

Teeria Bot – Modded client using ImGui

Teeria BotWhat this is:

This modded client is made to cheat on SSC. It’s capable of bypassing their item anti-cheat, allowing you to spawn items. There are also options relating to item anti-cheat which allow you to hide your inventory from the server and max all of your item’s stacks.
The client comes with a Gem Bot which will passively farm gems for you and it can be configured, you can change things like speed, method etc. – This bot can get you billions of gems a day if you AFK with the correct settings.
Other features:

This comes with some basic cheats such as:
Godmode – does it need an explanation?,
Noclip – which allows you to walk through blocks,
No TP – which stops the server from tping you,
Tracker – which allows you to see where all players are without looking at the map.

Beach balls – Floods the chat by spawning beach balls and teleporting them. If you’re infront of objects like crates and tables it speeds up the chat spam.
Ear rape – Spams a packet which tells the server you’re playing a harp, it does it so fast that the noise it makes is distorted and very loud.
Laser + lag – Creates a huge laser which is visible to everyone and causes a lot of client-sided lag.
I know, these aren’t great exploits and there aren’t many, but they can be still be very annoying and are unlike anything anybody has released here.

If you discover that some features no longer work then post a comment and i’ll either fix them or replace them with something similar.
Moon lord bags:
When using this feature there will be a load of moon lord bags which you cannot pick up, this is normal and you need to be patient as you will eventually pick them up.
It’s hit or miss, you can instantly get 1000s of bags or have to wait for a minute or two.
If you want this client to be updated or features to be added to it then let me know, I’m only going to update this if people actually care.
Disclaimer: All features under ‘Exploits’ and ‘Teeria Bot’ ONLY work on There is a chance you will get banned using this, it depends solely on your settings (how blatant you’re going). If you get banned post a comment here with what settings you were using.
Screenshots: Menu
Moon lord bags (proof):

Virus scans:…dfc1/detection…job/xiekniye78

How to install:

Drag the contents of the .zip you downloaded from below ↓ into your Terraria folder.
If you’re unsure how to find your Terraria folder open steam and go to ‘library’, right click Terraria,
click ‘properties’ and look at the tabs above, click ‘local files’ and finally click ‘browse local files’.
That will open your Terraria folder for you, then just drag the files you downloaded in there.


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