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Download StolenValor 0.2.3 FiveM GTA V Cheat Engine hacks

FiveM / GTA V Cheat Engine release

Hello FiveM Devs!

Development is back to normal, but still this is open source and if u want to help contribute to our project dont be afraid to DM me or aZelda or MrLeDuck your cheat tables to have a chance to get into official release and to further advance the cheats giving more people knowledge, together we will be able to make something amazing! Credits will ofcourse be given to people who contribute.

Thanks for 150k + and for supporting this project!!! The final public release of StolenValor is below (we might continue with public releases again, but no promises for now). Below, you will see the changelog along with the other information on the cheat. If you are wondering why the public releases stopped recently, please read the FAQ below. Thanks

What is Cheat Engine?

Cheat Engine is a value editor for softwares. What this cheat essentially allows you to do is modify client side values, which gta has a lot of those. Then the modified client side values will be transmitted to the server. Normally how you would do this without a cheat table is

– search for the specific value and the type (this has already been done for you) – filter out unwanted values (this has already been done for you)
– bookmark the value (this has already been done for you)
– change the value to whatever you want
– freeze the value so it doesn’t change
Basic Tutorial
– Navigate over to Player options, then health, set the value on 200 which is the max gta 5 health
– Press X in the empty box to freeze the value. But, 200 health doesn’t give you godmode.
– Headshots and explosions in this game do way more than 200 damage, and even though you freezed the value, it still drops for a split second which is enough to kill you.
Custom TP Tutorial
For custom Teleports (so not the waypoint), you need to select the teleports, then go in game and walk forward a bit.
Basic Player Options and Weapon Options Tutorial
– If you read the God Mode Tutorial and now understand the health thing, you can replicate the same thing for stuff like armor.
– Going into other stuff like walk or swim speed. Don’t set those higher than 5, as it isn’t efficient anymore.
– Do not tough or edit the “Current Player Coordinates” field as it has nothing to do with teleporting.
– All teleport options are in their own category called “Teleport Options”
– If you don’t have NumPad and are wondering how to change gun stuff, open “Weapon Options”, there you can put “No Reload”, “Unlimited Ammo”, and set your “Current Ammo” in the weapon.
– Hint, you need to have the weapon equipped to set your ammo.
– “Damage Multiplier” modifies the damage given by your weapon on a player. – “Melee Damage Multiplier” modifies your punch damage on vehicles, objects, and players.
More Advanced Weapon Tutorial(Continuation of the Basic Tutorial Above) – This is a continuation from the two tutorials above. Read them first if you are confused about this. – In “Weapon Options”, open “Custom Explosive Bullets” for changing the bullet type (There is a mini tutorial there) – If you are interested on how to spawn (replace) guns, read the “Weapon Spawner” tutorial below. – In “Weapon Options”, expand down to “Weapon Mods (Advanced)” where you will see a lot of stuff.
– “Bullet Damage” as an example is how much damage a bullet does.
– Change it to something like 200 and it will be an insta kill gun.
– Change it to 20000 and it will stop cars or blow them up in 1 or 4 bullets (depends on the sync). – You can build anything here, from rocket launchers that freeze rockets in air, to insta homing guns, velocity, weapon range, etc.
Vehicle Tutorial
– If you open “Vehicle Options”, you will see some self explanatory fields.
– Normally “Engine Health 2” is the engine health (which 1000 is the max value) – The “Vehicle Boost” Has nothing to do with speed, but its for vehicles that have a booster on the back (e.g. Batman car).
– That is for the duration of the boost. Change it to from 1.25 to 2.5 and boost will last twice as long. – When you open “Vehicle Mods (Advanced)” you can modify just about anything on a vehicle. – “Acceleration” for example is self explanatory, but making it too high will cause your car to drift a lot. – You can counter that with “Gravity”. High gravity, means more speed and faster breaking – Look around and play with stuff, you can build just about anything from flying cars, to wheeling cars, to unstoppable faggios that destroy trucks on contact. – Also do not teleport with the “Current Vehicle Coordinates”
Cheat Engine is a powerfull tool that lets you modify everything that is client side (about 50% of GTA V)
n00b Beginners Guide
1. Install Cheat Engine
2. Double click on mod menu
3. Select FiveM from Cheat engine
4. Keep the codes
5. Enjoy
num1 no reload
num2 unlimited ammo
num3 health
num4 armor
num5 car repair
num7 godmode
WIP Features [There is no promise that these features will be added]
– Built in crosshair
– Reveal other players on map
– Model changer [DONE AND ADDED]
– Weapon spawning [DONE AND ADDED]
– Adding all the interior teleports
Links to Hexcodes
Here you can find hexcodes for the weapon replacer and model changer. Weapon Hexcodes Models Hexcodes
Q: Why have the public releases stopped?
A: Whilst many of you are not aware, the cheat is still being worked on, however we have moved on from public releases to a private version of the cheat. As the cheat is open source, anyone can take a look and figure out how features work. Game breaking bugs such as the popular “Crash players” exploit take time for us to find, but can easily be fixed by FiveM devs (who frequently check Unknown Cheats). For that reason we have decided to stop releasing major updates for the cheat and keep major bugs hidden from the devs. A bit selfish I know, but it isn’t fun to spend 3 weeks finding a bug and then getting it patched by FiveM devs in 12h.
Q: How can I get the private version of StolenValor?
A: You cannot as cheat tables are open source and a leak is risked. The private version of the cheat includes fixes to all the patched featured that the public version has (i.e. Player crasher, invisibility, etc), which sadly must remain secret if we don’t want it patched.
Q: Why are some features not working in the public cheat?
A: Because some (most still work) are outdated and patched. Every new update they were fixed and working again just to get them patched by FiveM devs in under 12h. For that reason, in the final release we have added *** next to all the features that tend to get patched on the FiveM network (i.e. Player Crasher and Server-Side Invisibility).
Q: Can I modify the cheat?
A: Yes. This is an open source project. Anyone can do what they want and modify/add their own features to it. If you are going to release something however, credit is always appreciated Q: Can I get banned from FiveM for using this cheat? A: No but you have to careful. FiveM looks at crash reports. Crashing because you changed a feature or tried searching for long values will send a crash report which can then get you banned. Alternatively you could use a crash report dumper to skip the crash report if your game crashes.


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