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Download Skyrim Special Edition Multihack

Skyrim Special Edition Multihack

Use in windowmode or borderless. Its an Internal with external overlay.

  • Feature List:
    Character Editor
  • Edit Character Mainstats (Health, Stamina & Magicka)
  • Edit Character Skills (20+ Skills)
  • No shout cooldown
  • Infinite Dragonsouls (you need to have at least one)
  • Infinite Perkpoints (you need to have at least one)
  • No weight limit
  • Godmode
  • One Hit Kill
  • Name
  • Distance
  • Healthbar
  • Trace Line
  • Humanoid Skeleton
  • NoClip
  • Teleport to Mapmarker with NUMPAD ‘1’
  • Banish MAGIC from the Game (this will disable ALL magic spells including Dragon-Breath)
  • Item duping
  • Calm Enemies
  • Freeze Enemies
  • Indestructible Lockpicks

Controls:[Insert] = Show/Hide the menu

In “NoClip-Mode”:
Fly with Arrow-Keys, gain Height with SPACE


  • Using any kind of Visuals while in ‘NoClip’ will crash the game after some time. Just toggle visuals off before you fly around. Or fly only short distances with it enabled.
  • If you teleport to a Mapmarker while inside a city like markarth…you end up in nowhere since you load a different “map” when you entered the city. The “Open Citys” mod might fix this. Same with NoClip. You cant just fly out of these cities, you need to leave them the normal way before you can explore the world.
  • Editing Skills/Stats while having additional vampire/werewolf skills will cause problems right now.
  • How to use:
  • You need to Inject the DLL with an DLL Injector of your choice.

Download Skyrim Special Edition Multihack

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