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Download Skush v3.130 Public Updated


  • Weapon Configs
  • Import/Export
  • Advanced options
  • Triggerbot
  • Delay (Delay before shot)
  • Pause (Pause after shot)
  • Scope Check (Only shoots if you are scoping)
  • Flash Check (Doesn’t shoot if you are flashed)
  • Always Active (Shoots without holding your hold key)
  • Target
  • Enemies / Allies / All
  • RCS
  • Pitch (X-Axis strengh)
  • Yaw (Y-Axis strengh)
  • Smooth
  • Required Shots (Takes control after X shots fired)
  • Auto Pistol (Rapid fire while holding left mouse button)
  • Auto Strafe (Move your mouse left/right to strafe left/right)
  • Bunnyhop Only (Only active while bunnyhopping)
  • Bunnyhop
  • Clantag
  • Many styles
  • Chat info (Spamming information about players in the chat)
  • Many customizations
  • Fast Reload
  • Fast Sniper
  • Fake Lag
  • Length (Length of lag)
  • Pause (Pause after lag)
  • Hitsound
  • Radar
  • C4 (Dropped C4)
  • Spammer
  • Send to All
  • Custom message
  • Rank Revealer (Reveals competetive/wingman ranks on the scoreboard)
  • Disc0rd RPC (Example)
  • Copy LobbyLink
  • Weapon Configs
  • Auto Apply
  • Custom StatTrak™
  • Custom Wear (Lower = better)
  • Custom Seed
  • Custom NameTag


  • Play CS:GO in “Fullscreen Windowed” mode in order to use the GUI
  • Its recommended to install all available windows updates
  • Its required to have .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher intalled
  • Read the FAQ below before posting any questions


Q: Is the cheat undetected?
A: Only valve knows that. As always: Use at your own risk!

Q: Is the cheat still safe to use after a CS:GO update?
A: Yes, CS:GO updates aren’t VAC updates.

Q: Is it a virus?
A: No, it’s a false positive for some antiviruses due to obfuscation & internet connections.

Q: Where can I find my configs?
A: Configs are stored in “Documents\Skush [Public]\Configs”.

Q: Why can’t I login?
Q: Why does it take forever to wait for cloudflare?
A: Read the “Note” above on the thread.

Q: Why is the download blocked?
Q: Why cant i download the cheat?
Q: The cheat automaticly disappers / gets deletes?
Q: Why can’t I unpack the cheat? (The archive is damaged or broken)
A: Disable or pause your antivirus or make an exception and redownload it.

Q: The cheat isn’t even starting / stopped working.
A: Disable or pause your antivirus or make an exception, redownload it and make sure that .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher is installed.

Q: When will you release a new update?
A: I usually do updates every 1-2 days but please don’t spam if it takes longer.

Q: Will/Can you add / Would it be possible to add X feature?
Q: Can you add X feature?
Q: Would it be possible to add X feature?
A: I wont add any more features, unless i decide to do that by myself.

Q: Can other players see my skins from the Skin Changer or wallhack/glow?
A: No, they are only visible for yourself (Client-sided).

Q: Is it possible to glow the lootboxes or more items/objects in Danger Zone?
A: No, “DZ Gear” is all you can glow in Danger Zone.

Q: Should I run the cheat before or after I start CS:GO / Steam?
A: It doesn’t matter.

Q: Can I use this cheat on faceit, esea, etc?
A: You can, unless its only a server sided anticheat.

Q: Can I use this cheat on prime matchmaking, wingman, etc?
A: It works on all official gamemodes.

Q: Does the cheat work with the newest CS:GO update?
A: The cheat should work after every “small” update (Panorama for example broke the cheat in the past). If not you’ll get an error and the cheat force closes.

Q: How can I add my own Triggerbot / Bunnyhop HoldKey?
A: Open your config file and change the value of [Aim] -> “Triggerbot.HoldKey” / [Misc] -> “Bunnyhop.HoldKey” to the name or the decimal keycode of your desired key, save it and load the config in the “Config” tab. Keynames/codes can be found here.

Q: How can I set my own clantag?
A: Open you config file and change the value of [Misc] -> “Clantag.Style” to your desired clantag, save it and load the config in the “Config” tab. The maximum lenght is 15.

Q: What are legit settings for FakeLag?
A: The default values are pretty legit. Decrease the “Lenght” and increase the “Pause” to make it look more legit. NOTE: By toggling on Thirdperson you can see how it looks like to other players!

Q: How to apply a custom skin with the Skin Changer?
A: You can only apply the official skins of each weapon.

  • In Thirdperson mode you cant swap weapons and/or do other things that would work in Firstperson
  • Hitsound wont work if you took control over a BOT
  • Some knife animations are “broken”
  • Crosshair is drawing slow
  • Planted bomb glow flickers
  • Updated: The cheat works with the current CS:GO version
  • Outdated (1): There has been a CS:GO update and the cheat no longer works
  • Outdated (2): An update of the cheat is available
  • Detected: Self explaining
  • Disabled: The cheat isn’t accessable (A reason will be displayed in that case)
  • Modified: The MD5-Hash of the cheat doesn’t match with the MD5-Hash in the database (Possible virus)

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Download Source 3

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