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Download Sea of Thieves Actor Dump Miscellaneous Files hacks

Hello, im new to ue4 hacks and everything, i have done reversing and game hacking on other games though, a star wars battlefront 2 cheat & a rainbow six siege online cheat
im having trouble using UObject::FindObject, and ive done some testing, very little of this makes sense
ive gotten it to compile with the sdk and ive taken a look at the gobjects with the reclass file posted by xyz12, made by someone i forget the name of right now, it seems to get the pointers for the objects correctly, but it cant get the names of them without causing a crash.
i took a look and compared the posted structure by xyz12 and the class i have, as well as looking over some public internals on github, and they all seem to match, so it doesnt look to be the FName structure, do note i have trouble debugging the SDK itself because of errors that pop up when i start to include windows headers before the SDK classes.
to be very brief, i dont know why this is happening, the pointers should be working, and i can enumerate the entire gobjects list without any problems, but getting a name from any of it causes a crash, im going to looking more into it and trying to make a way to debug the SDK itself but any help with this will be appreciated!
edit: i have already verified the gnames im getting is valid, although it will crash the game after enumerating 5~6 entries, i expect that can be fixed easily with a simple nullptr check or something like that, currently using the sigs on the sdk guide (thx btw its very helpful)
edit2: ok so ive looked into the naming and im more confused, the first entry is always 8 or None in the dump, and i can access the name and the index just fine, but if i call the function to get the name for index 0 in the object list it crashes
edit3: ok so i was going through reclass and cheat engine and my own small dump of what the cheat is using to find the name and it looks like its 0x20000 bytes off? where does that misalignment come from? its not only significant but its also rather close to the proper address, any help with what structure or issue with the sdk is causing this?
a newcomer who somehow bypassed battleye, and made his own cheat for rainbow six siege



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