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Download ScriptSearcher Grand Theft Auto V hacks

Script Searcher

Script Searcher I had a bit of a slow day at work this afternoon, so I decided to do this for fun, and figured I would release it here. Might find it useful, might not.
– Automatically installs the 1.48 Decompiled Scripts from Pocakking’s GitHub. – Easy-to-use config file that will help you control how the scripts are searched. – Shows file, line number, and context if you desire.
– Set your own script location if you don’t want to use Pocakking’s.
– Can output results into a text file if enabled in the config file.
Limitations: – (Can be) rather slow. The scripts are pretty big, and searching line-by-line can take a while synchronously (might make it async at some point). – There might be some poor coding practices in here. If you find any, constructive criticism is always welcome, and I’ll happily change it.
– String matching, so you kind of have to know what to look for to make use of it. How to Use
First off, install Python 3.7 if you don’t have it.
Second, there is a pip package you’ll need to install. Run either Code: pip install gitpython or Code: pip install -r requirements.txt .
Third, just run it and start searching. It’s pretty simple, only ~100 lines of code in all.


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I'm a game lover and game player so decided to create a website for other user to download Free Game hacks. Most time i don't use game cheats however sometime i do and is fun!

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