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Download SCP: Secret Laboratory Internal 2.1 Beta hacks

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SCP: Secret Laboratory Internal 2.1 Beta

Updated for latest version of the game, and new injector thanks to [source]

]===—————————— Update v2.1 ——————————===[
– Added SCP 939 and security guard to the esp team list
– New UI Layout
– New Feature Togglable tesla gate damage
– New Feature Elevator and scp 914 location esps
– Toggleable cheats now use Toggle switches (press pause to free the mouse) controls will be phased out over the next update for the toggelable cheats.
– No Recoil toggleable
– No View Bob toggleable
– No Spread Togglable
– Fixed toggelable menu (left arrow)
– Fixed for packing of wrong files

]===—————————— Update 2.0 Beta ——————————===[
– Removed all old functions (teleportation is detected and gets you game-banned)
– Added ESP
– Added new no recoil method
– Added new FOV modifier (default should be 70)
– Fixed UI issues from 1.9
– Added build date to header
– Disabled view bobing when walking
– Added Fullbright mode
– Codecleaning and optimization
– Renmaed all methods for anticheat evasion
– Minor error handling

Known Bugs v2.1
– Health info for esp is only visible when spectating

WIP for v2.2
– Configurable key settings
– Fix toggelable menu (some ui labels and other functions only work while the menu is disabled)
– change ammo counter to show currentclip/totalammo like the actual attachment does

Future WIP
– Automatic translation
– Possible aimbot addition
– Button Menu instead of keybinds

]===—————————— Controls ——————————===[
Item ESP Controls [Left Alt] Cycles between different forms of esp
Friendly players esp [F] Cycles whether or not friendlies are shown on esp
Location ESP [Up Arrow]
Increase/Decrease FOV [PageUp/PageDown]
Toggle UI [Left Arrow]
* Pause the game to free the mouse for toggling the toggleable cheats

]===—————————— Shoutouts and Credits ——————————===[
BIG Shoutout to Fatulatti For the DNSpy information. Thx
Special thanks to soulfurium developers for inspiration!

This hack was developed by our team using some code from an open source project [started by (suspended) updated by (jackknife)] and many hours of messing with the game code, we have a vast amount of experience with unity and this was kinda like a fun side project for us. Let us know if you enjoy!

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