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Download rust assembly csharp 05-2019 Hacks Bots

Assembly: Cracked + cheat loader

Seems like about 30-40% of players on cracked servers play legit. Let’s change that again.
1: Rename your cheat (hax3s.dll) to: pastehack.dll pastecheat.dll
2: then place it into: steamapps\common\Rust\RustClient_Data\Managed
3: Replace the original csharp assembly with my file.
4: Launch the game through RustClient.exe
5: ???
6: profit
issues? look at troubleshooting. still issues? PM me, or respond to topic.
Example of a cheat if you don’t have a proper one:
Hack club Rust Cracked servers << just rename the hax3s.dll to pastehack.dll pastecheat.dll and place it in /managed along with my edit of assembly-csharp.dll
– Tell me EXACTLY what is going wrong and what you see
– make sure you have updated, clean rust steam files before you attempt to do anything
– if your game makes it into the main menu, press F1 and take a screenshot of the console. Then post this screenshot here
– Make sure you are signed in to a steam account.


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I'm a game lover and game player so decided to create a website for other user to download Free Game hacks. Most time i don't use game cheats however sometime i do and is fun!

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7 Responses to “Download rust assembly csharp 05-2019 Hacks Bots”

  1. Naila says:

    Hello,first of all the link to download this Csharp is not avaible,
    so i downloaded the last one,start correctly but after the game load totaly it show me an error
    void rust.workshop.workshop skin.reset (unity.gameobject)
    waiting for reply and thanks

  2. Naila says:

    Hello when the new csharp assembly will be updated?

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