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Download RDR2:Online Mod Menu Ped/Vehicle Spawning, ESP Red Dead Redemption 2 hacks and Cheats

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RDR2:Online | Mod Menu | Ped/Vehicle Spawning, ESP, etc.

Device’s Mod Menu for RDR2:O
Current Version 0.0.8 | Currently undetected
Version on the video is 0.0.1 and may not have all the current features.

Mod menu for RDR2:Online with most needed features.
Making money:
– Spawn animals and sell them
– Teleporting to Treasure’s etc.
Current Features:
Player: God Mode, Semi-Godmode, Runspeed Multiplier, Super Jump, Invisible, Never Wanted, Infinite Stamina, Teleport to Waypoint, Triggerbot, No Clip, Disable Ragdoll, Model Changer, Name Changer, Ignored by NPC’s.
Weapon: Infinite Ammo
Horse: God Mode, Infinite Stamina, Invisibility.
Spawner: Spawn Vehicle, Spawn Object, Spawn Ped, Spawn Dead Ped, Spawn Pickup, Delete Spawned models, Freeze Spawned models.
ESP: Name, Distance, Box, Health.
Playerlist: Spawn Vehicle/Object/Ped/Dead Ped on player
How to use:
1. Extract files to same folder
2. Load fully to online
3. Open injector provided
4. Don’t close the new console window, press insert in-game to open menu.
-Updated for newest game version.
-Fixed menu controls not working for some people.
-Added option to freeze spawned models.
-Fixed teleporting with vehicles/horses
-Improved some other stuff i don’t remember anymore.
-Fixed teleport teleporting all surronded peds with you.
-Added Playerlist
-Added Ped/Vehicle/Object spawning to other players
-Added option to explode certain player.
-Added Ambient Pickup spawning, this could be used for money and weapon spawning with right settings.
-Added clipboard support(Ctrl + V)
-Fixed Spawners, others can now see spawned models.
-Added Semi-Godmode
-Added Run Speed multiplier
-Fixed Never Wanted( Bounty hunters will still chanse you )
-Added Disable ragdoll animations
-Fixed Teleport to waypoint to work with Horse & Vehicles
-Added Namechanger(You will need to reload to online after setting your name for it to take effect for others)
-Added Modelchanger
-Added Ignored by NPC’setting
-Fixed Infinite Ammo
-Added Horse invisibility
-Added Option to delete spawned models
-Updated for newest game version
-Fixed teleport going under world
-Fixed input lagging on menu(hopefully)
-Added so you can spawn custom amount of models(modelname-amountofmodels)
-Added Superjump
-Improved noclip
-Removed Explode All feature, ruins other players experience.
-Added injector
-Fixed keyboard input limit
Model lists:
If you get ERR_GFX_STATE error when loading in game,
Go to documents/rockstar games/rdr2/settings/ and delete all files starting sga_ and try again.

Originally Posted by AeriTyaelaria 1. Why does spawning a_c_alligator_02 give me the legendary beast but ordinary skins?
Simplest answer; Online has no legendary animals, therefore there’s nothing there for the skins so you’ll only get 3* ordinary pelts.
2.What’s the best way of using the spawn section for making money?
spawn dead ped and enter a_c_panther_01, this will spawn a carcass of a panther which you then pick up and sell to a nearby butcher, they sell for $14 each.
3. Any other ways of making money past the spawning of dead panthers and selling to a butcher?
You can use the teleport function in conjunction with this map to teleport to the collectibles and get them and selling them to Madam Nazar, this is a bit tedious but can give more cash in a lump-some as well as good experience gains. You can also use the dead panthers to provide supplies to your camp and keep it’s supply high for trading (bit slow and takes time, but trading missions can provide a good lump some of cash upwards of $650 for a completed long delivery).

Also has stuff like return address spoofing(thanks to @namazso for that) so hopefully that will make it atleast a little bit harder for r* to detect & thx to @AeriTyaelaria for all the help.

Download RDR2:Online Mod Menu [v0.0.8]

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