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Download quasar 0.1.3 Counterstrike Global Offensive CS:GO Releases


This is an alpha version, I’ll complement and update it in my spare time.

  1. Visuals
    • Enemy/Ally
    • Active
    • Visible check
    • Box
    • Corner size
    • Health
    • Name
    • Weapon
    • Steps
    • Steps size
    • Draw FOV
    • Sniper crosshair
  2. Aimbot
    • Aimbot active(global)
    • Smoke check(global)
    • Flash check(global)
    • Weapon
    • Active
    • Smart hitbox
    • Aimbot type
    • FOV type
    • Delay type
    • Hitbox
    • FOV
    • First bullet fov
    • Smooth
    • First shot delay
    • Kill delay
    • First silent chance
    • Velocity prediction
  3. Misc
    • Recoil control system
    • RCS randomize
    • RCS bullet start
    • RCS pitch
    • RCS yaw
    • RCS random value
    • Radar
    • Radar size
    • Radar zoom
    • Bunnyhop
    • Autostrafe


The folder is automatically created on the disk with Windows
The configuration is stored here (C:/Quasar/Configuration/default.json)
Before starting the hack, run quasar_init.exe once to initialize additional files.

Code: 01.10.19-fix silent-added hitbox for aimbot-added color picker 03.10.19-fix silent on rifles-added smoke check for aimbot-added flash check for aimbot 06.10.19-added draw fov (visuals)-added fov type (aimbot)-added first bullet fov (aimbot)-added velocity prediction (aimbot)-added bunnyhop (misc)-added autostrafe (misc) 07.10.19-configuration fix 11.10.19-added kill delay (aimbot)-fix 13.10.19-added aimbot type-fix 17.10.19-added 1st shot delay-added 1st silent chance-fix aimbot 21.10.19-fixed visibility check when a local player is dead-fixed bug when aimbot did not check for hitbox visibility-added ESP activation button for enemies and allies-added delay types for aimbot 12.11.19-added radar-added type for smooth (slow end, constant)-bug fix 01.12.19-update menu 04.12.19-update menu 07.12.19-update visuals


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