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Download Pubg Anti Cheat Bypass Tool Disable Memory Check [GameLoop] And [Smart Gaga] Updated Ver 0.15

Disable Memory Check [GameLoop] And [Smart Gaga] Updated Ver 0.15

Dear All Hello From Egypt Country From 1 Week and im searching for fix to disable memory check on gameloop or smart gaga and finally i got it and i will share it with u all
at first there’s some notes u have to know it
– Im not Responsible if u get banned It’s atrick and can be patched at any time. – Dont use it On Main ACCOUNT u can create guests account and try as u like. – sorry if my english is not good.

u have to download attachments and extract it u will get 4 files

Now u have to open ur emulator smart gaga or gameloop
install any files manager like es file explorer or X-plore
go to root then data/data and create newfolder with name “Magdy”
Dont Change Name Or Every Thing Will Not Work Also u Will Get Force Close chmod This Folder to 777 Like The Picture

now stay on home Screen on ur emulator and Run on.bat if every thing is worked ok
game will run automatically and when loggning u will got 2 force close but click ok dont worry the game will not close
also check cmd terminal and look if there any problem if every thing ok u can go to training and enable any memory cheat
like head shot or magic bullet u can also use any pc hacks with flying car and speed .
then after u get in lobby just run the bat file called
also wait when it’s finish and there’s note
u can use this file every 2 or 3 games on lobby
so after finishing the 3rd game and back to lobby run this file.
or u can use it every game as u like it’s up to u .
after finish playing dont close the game just run file off.bat
if will close the game automatically and back every thing at it was before
also if u get Device Offline Error u can run
so i hope i helped u all and sorry again if my english not good (Y)
New Version Released Please Read Change Log
– Now u Can Disable Memory In All Pubg ( GL / KR / TW / VN )
– Update Ban And Report Log Remover Support Version 0.14.5 And 0.15 Also In All Pubg Version
– No Need To Create Folder Like Old Version App Will Do It Automatically
– Now Support Memory Disable On Low End PC To Fix Force Close
– Now Support Memory Disable On Cerb Bypass Or Bypass Me Or Others With Fixing Force Close
– Added Temp Delete And Flush DNS To Use It 2 Times A Game To Keep U Away From Banning 10 Min
– New Version Is EXE By Visual Studio Not Bat Files So We Can Keep This Trick To Not Get Patched Easily
– Dont Remember Wat More

Pic Of New Version
Waiting When it’s Get Approved (Y)
New Version Works Good On Update 0.15.0
Link Removed Have Problem Please Wait New Version When Approved
New Version
Fixed RunEmulator Button It’s Now Delete AntiCheat Files (th3helper.exe – th3helper.dat)
Removed Discord And FaceBook Becoz Admin Asked To Keep Them Away Next Time
Fixed Clear Ban And Report Files
im Sorry Coz Im Releasing More Than Version And Dunt Have PPL To Check The tool So I Know Problems From Comments Here And Fixing it
Download Update


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