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Download ProtoGenesys (Steam, Plutonium, and Redacted) Call of Duty 9 – Black Ops 2 (BO2) Hacks & Cheats

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ProtoGenesys (Steam, Plutonium, and Redacted)

I’m releasing this here because it was leaked by some useless skid (Toons, Ukiyo, Crim, Preserve Modding, and now LibertyMods are just some of the names he goes by), and I’d rather take the credit for it I’ve earned properly, rather than let this loser pretend he’s important lol. Hope you enjoi!
Mode – (Off/Manual/Auto)
Autozoom – (Off/On)
Autofire – (Off/On)
Autowall – (Off/On)
Apply Prediction – (Off/On)
Anti-Teamkill – (Off/On)
Silent-Aim – (Off/On)
Anti-Aim – (Off/Spinbot/Jitterbot/Randomized/Reversed)
Bonescan – (Off/On Timer/Immediate)
Mode – (Axis/Allies/All)
Boxes – (Off/Border/Corner/Border Filled/Corner Filled/Cubes)
Bones – (Off/Dots/Lines)
Snaplines – (Off/Top/Bottom)
Distances – (Off/On)
Names – (Off/On)
Weapons – (Off/On)
Crosshair – (Off/On)
Compass – (Off/On)
Radar – (Off/On)
Aimbone – (Head/Neck/Upper Spine/Lower Spine/Left Shoulder/Right Shoulder/Left Hip/Right Hip/Left Elbow/Right Elbow/Left Knee/Right Knee/Left Wrist/Right Wrist/Left Ankle/Right Ankle)
Aimangle – (5 – 360 degrees)
Aimpower – (5 – 100 percent)
Autoaim Time – (0 – 1000 milliseconds)
Autoaim Delay – (0 – 1000 milliseconds)
Autozoom Delay – (0 – 1000 milliseconds)
Autofire Delay – (0 – 1000 milliseconds)
Recoil Factor – (0.0 – 1.0)
Spread Factor – (0.0 – 1.0)
Axis – (RGB)
Allies – (RGB)
Riotshield – (RGB)
Crosshair – (RGB)
Text – (RGB)
Shadow – (RGB)
Set as Default – (Load with home key)
Save Profile – (Choose path\file)
Load Profile – (Choose path\file)
Menu Color – (Neutral/Neutral Neon/Red/Red Neon/Orange/Orange Neon/Yellow/Yellow Neon/Green/Green Neon/Blue/Blue Neon/Purple/Purple Neon/Rainbow/Rainbow Neon)
Menu Cursor – (Black/White)
Menu Font – (Light/Medium/Heavy)
proto_crashclient – (Crash clients in the lobby)
proto_crashserver – (Crash the current server)
proto_endround – (End the current round)
proto_name <on|off> <name> – (Change your name)
proto_clan <on|off> <clan> – (Change your clan)
proto_killspam <on|off> <message> – (Set killspam message, use placeholders %attacker (replaced with your name) %victim (replaced with the name of the player you killed) and %ip (replaced with the players ip address) if you want) proto_trickshot <on|off> – (Immediately end the round after your next kill)
Player List:
Point Shield at Player – (Radio button)
Add Player to Target List – (Check box)
IP Address – (Copyable)
[INSERT] – (Toggle menu)
[DELETE] – (Hold for airstuck)
[HOME] – (Load default profile)
[END] – (Disable all active hacks)
Miscellaneous: Stream Proof Visuals – (Using a recording/streaming software like OBS you can hide the visuals from all your viewers by selecting game capture and unchecking capture third party overlays)
SteamID Spoofer – (Set in your injector’s settings, this will redirect reports/bans to a steam user of your choice. Theater mode clips are also saved to their account)



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    wheres the download and how ndoes this work for trickshots

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