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Download po0p bf4 Battlefield Series Battlefield 4 hacks and Cheats

p0op_bf4 [external_multihack]

Hello everyone, I decided to share with you old cheat, the functionality is simple and clear.Credits: @techelpr – @ricknzl – @bores80 – @nosale – @xtreme2010 – @shellBullet – @HoVerFlopZ – @TheOzy – @yellow1982 – @nfoheld – @DarkTeam – Nuriya94 – Dendari92 – spixy
!In version 1.2.2, I added a version check so that I could notify users that a cheat was detected,
Simple code that is used:: Version current = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetName().Version; WebClient check = new WebClient(); Version latest = new Version(check.DownloadString(“”)); if (latest > current) { DialogResult result = MessageBox.Show( “DETECTED!”, “WhoopS'(“, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1, MessageBoxOptions.DefaultDesktopOnly);  if (result == DialogResult.OK) { System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(“”); } }

  • Run game in borderless window mode after starting the game, select the desired features and run the overlay by pressing the “Run” button .
  • Menu on the “F8“key.
  • Kill the process of the game and the program on the “End“key.

If you have strong FPS drawdowns, Use Windows 10version no higher than 1607
!You can also try:
1. Open the task manager and run cheat as administrator.
2. Go to the “Details” tab and select cheat. After that go to “Set Priority” and down arrow.
3. Do the same but go to “Set affinity” and put only one CPU (I recommend CPU 4 if you have a quad core)
Thanks Fax#8797

  1. ESP Box
  2. ESP Health
  3. ESP Names
  4. ESP Distance
  5. ESP Skeleton (2 types)
  6. ESP Lines (2 types)
  7. Spectator Warnings (Warning about enemies and spectators on the server)
  8. Chamses ([bug]Highly ship system, do not use with esp functions)
  9. Crosshair
  10. Dot (Center point of the screen)
  11. Aimbot (lAlt key)
  12. Vehicle Aimbot (Only works on ground vehicles as well as the shooter on the helicopter.)
  13. Triggerbot
  14. Auto Aimbot
  15. Aimbot Target (HEAD,NECK,SPINE)
  16. Firerate
  17. No Recoil
  18. No Spread
  19. Squad Spawn (Hardcore mod)
  20. Vehicle Damage (Increased damage to vehicles)
  21. Enemy Damage (Increased damage to infantry)
  22. Auto Spot
  23. Weapon id changing [bug]
  24. Unlock All (Unlock camo and attachments)

Menu v1.4 Screenshots:

Menu v1.2.2 Screenshots:

Menu v1.2 Screenshots:

Overlay Screenshot:

[v1.4][Undetected] [21.01.2020]


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